RV Sticker Club

A really fun trend in the vintage trailer scene is the documenting of a restoration using social media sites like Instagram.

Naming the trailer is traditional as well. Using the shape, color, style, etc. as cues to decide on a name is a way to go or just picking a fun phrase that fits the owners sense of adventure is a great way to name your trailer.

The latest trend is to create a brand for your trailer and blog. Combining the name and a creative image to create a brand. Once the brand image is created then using it to create stickers and promotional items is a great way to share your blog and instagram to friends you make while camping.

#rvstickerclub collection by @living_a_great_story!

RV Sticker Club is a fun group that promotes the sharing of this branded stickers between owners. If you love vintage trailer images or just love stickers in general, you really like this!


We are sharing Tin Can Tourists stickers with anyone that wants to trade with us. We have fun stickers in development and will post those soon!

Wanna trade?

DM us at https://www.instagram.com/tincantourists_official/ to trade


  1. I bought a trailer last year that had this sticker on it! I didn’t know what it was until now! Does that make me an honorary member, Lol?

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