Fall Gathering T-Shirt honors Frontline Heroes

We wanted to honor the workers on the frontline during this pandemic and Roo Ryan was able to create a design that is perfect. The theme of our fall gathering was “The Hero Hootenanny” and Roo worked his magic and came up with this – even including the hard to find toilet paper roll. See if you can find them!

Our frontline heroes are to be honored during this difficult time. None of us can do everything. Some plant and others reap, some manufacture and others distribute, some are wholesalers and others are retailers, some entertain and some set up the microphones for entertainment events. Some doctor and others keep hospital rooms clean of infection; some nurse and others assist with anesthesia; some teach and others staff schools; some sell groceries, others grow the food, still others transport the food. Some study science and some teach it and others apply it, etc. etc. etc. – so many of these heroes are our TCT members!

Fredericksburg Converts Love Sign To Honor Front-Line

Due to the increasing cases and the state restrictions on large events, we aren’t able to hold the annual fall gathering at Camp Dearborn in Milford, MI this year but you buy a shirt if you’d like.

If you’d like to order a t-shirt or hoodie of this awesome design, we’ve made them available here for a limited time – until the end of September. All profits from the sales will be donated to Feeding America. Feeding America and their network of food banks are continuing to provide food to people in need during these times of uncertainty.

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