It’s Coca-Cola Vs. Pepsi Collectibles for This Couple

When a Pepsi-drinking husband and a Coke-loving wife buy a vintage trailer they name Bubbles, you know they are in for some carbonated fun.

Tin Can Tourists members Rick Cook and his wife, Bonnie have a restored 1969 Shasta Compact travel trailer are featured at – Click on the link below to learn about their passion for soda-related antiques and how they joined the Tin Can Tourists.

Rick and Bonnie Cook’s enthusiasm for the vintage lifestyle quickly ‘Bubbles’ to the surface, especially when it comes to their 1969 Shasta Compact travel trailer.

Here is the link to read the full article on

A house divided means a HOUSE DIVIDED! Here a Coca-Cola logo quilt is split in half for for the camper’s twin beds covers, with the Coca half of the logo on the left side and the Cola half of the logo on the right side.

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