Upcoming Lecture at Schoolcraft College (Livonia, Michigan)

Just a quick note to let you know that Dan Hershberger will be doing a motor camping lecture as part of the Lifelong Learning section of Schoolcraft College’s Personal and Professional Learning program this coming April 21, 2023 in Livonia, Michigan. Details appear below.

I know many TCT members have already seen my presentation, but I thought there might be other members who have not, whether they are new members or those who may have missed them at our gatherings.

The lecture is preceded by a nice buffet luncheon put on by the college’s culinary arts staff and all proceeds support the college’s youth and adult scholarship program. The registration fee as noted in the course description is  $43.00, with a reduced senior rate of $34.40. The presentation includes over 130 images taken from my collection — vintage literature, photographs, roadmaps and artifacts, including some new material not previously included in past lectures.

Thanks in advance for helping spread the word!

Daniel Hershberger

Roadside Historian

TCT Hall of Fame Member

Here’s the link to the course catalog which includes a link to the registration mechanism: 


Inline image



Course Description

In the 1900s, automobiles became more affordable and tin can tourists hit the road in record numbers determined to “See America First.” Roadside historian, Daniel Hershberger, will share historical photos, postcards, advertisements, and early roadmaps, as he discusses the early years of motor camping. From the unique equipment that was carried, to how campers found their way, explore the development of the motor camping movement. A 1.5 hr. lunch is not included in the CEU total.

To register: https://home.schoolcraft.edu/cepd/widgets/cepdcoursedetails/CES-7545


  1. Unfortunately, this course is not available online. It will be a “live” Powerpoint presentation, with a complete buffet luncheon preceding the lecture.

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