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A New Way to Explore Early RV History

Andrew Woodsmansey and rvhistory.com is now trialling the sale of Ebooks.

These are ideal for delving into more detail on a range of early RV history topics. Reasonably priced, immediately accessible and with a low impact on the planet. Learn more about early RV history while supporting the author’s research.

Ebooks will be initially available only from Amazon (Kindle edition). If successful, they will be made available directly from rvhistory.com at a later date.

See below for more details of the first Ebook title available now.

eBook No. 1
Early Recreational Vehicle Patents

How did we end up with the RV designs of today? Why don’t we have folding RVs? Three-wheeled RVs? Even amphibious RVs?

From his collection of several hundred pre-WW2 RV patents, the author has curated fifty noteworthy RV-related patents from 1889 to 1938 from six countries. There are twenty-three patents from the USA, nineteen from the UK, three from New Zealand, two each from France and Australia and one from Germany. Some are clever, some are weird and a few are just silly.

For each invention the author summarizes their special features and relevance. Readers might just be amazed how old some of our RV designs are. This book is a short but fascinating homage to the inventors and designers that made the RV what it is today.

Pricing and Format

Pricing: USD 5.99, GBP 4.91, AUD 8.61.

For pricing in other countries please search your local Amazon store. 

Format: Kindle Edition.

Can be read on Kindles and other devices using the free Kindle app.

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Don’t forget that Recreational Vehicles A World History 1872-1939 is also available as an eBook here.

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