The name Reo, or REO, comes from the initials of the company founder, Ransom E. Olds. The name, Reo Speed Wagon, came about by his vision that faster delivery trucks were needed and he started building the Speed Wagon Line of light trucks as the forerunner of today’s pick-up.

This particular Speed Wagon “Camper” was built on a 12 passenger bus chassis and the coach work for the camper/motor home was built in Los Angeles by a company called “Welbilt”.

Far ahead of its time in many ways, the “Camper” had such amenities as a fold out sofa bed under which an awning and camping equipment were stored. It has a pull out “grooming” sink with a pressurized water system. (This was accomplished by running a air hose between the spare tire and the water holding tank. If the pressure dropped too much, you merely used your tire pump to re-inflate the spare tire to the desired pressure.) There is a separate kitchen sink. The camper came with an “ice box” as well as a four burner stove complete with pot clamps so you could cook while traveling. Notice the side windows can be lowered with tracking screen that drops down as you lower the window. The wood interior of this vehicle is mostly the original African Mahogany, much like the Chris Craft boats of that era.

Yes, this is where the very popular band “Reo SpeedWagon” got it’s name from these vehicles along with one other you might recognize, “Diamond Reo”.

1928 REO Speedwagon House Car

Rare, Rare, Rare!!!
Could be in a museum!

Here is your opportunity to own a part of RV history! Own a one of a kind 1928 REO Speedwagon. Talk about being the coolest rig at the park. Step back in time with this beauty- Continue customizing to your needs:

• Bumper to Bumper: 21 feet
• Width: 68”
• Height: 107”

• Exterior is built with tubular steel and steel sheet metal
• Interior is all cedar paneling
• Original wood steering wheel

• 327 Turbo Chevy 8-cylinder block engine
• 350 automatic transmission
• Electric front seat

• Newer oil pump
• Auxiliary radiator set at 180 degrees
• Oil cooler

• Antique generator (not functioning)
• Electric powered rear steps
• Propane stove and heater (never used)

• 12v and 120v systems
• New batteries

• 20 gal water and waste tanks
• 12v water pump

• Original toilet with overhead bowl and chain (for show only)

• Roof rack
• Gaucho couch/bed