Dutch Craft

Dutch Craft

Manufacturer Information


Years built

1967?- late 1970s





Metric owned by Derik T. Price

Metric1 – Saw this trailer come up on craigslist and ran to the bank, then met the owner.  Bought it on the spot.

Metric 2 – Got it home and washed it thoroughly…

Metric3 – It cleaned up really well.

Metric4 – Original Inside was super clean, but a little dark and depressing.

Metric5 – Added some simple hand sewn curtains and cheap patio lounge furniture cushions for color.  They happened to fit perfectly.

Metric6 –  With table folded down to bed, and upper cabinet opened for ‘Bunk’.  My 7 year old loved sleeping up there.


Metric7 – Kitchen was spotless, so not much to do there.


Metric8 – Previous owner had water tank and pump redone, so one less thing to deal with!


Metric9 – Refer didn’t work, but fairly clean and serviciable as an Ice Box.


Metric10 – “Bathroom’ was no bigger than the potapotti, but with the door opened it worked fine.


Metric11 – Pulled all the wiring that wasn’t inside the walls.


Metric12 – Rewired everything – adding batteries, a disconnect, fuse panel, small inverter, propane detector and a solar charge controller.  🙂


Metric13 – The space under the seat was so short I could only add small batteries, and wanted everything enclosed to use as storage for other stuff.


Metric14 – I may have overdone this a little. :-).  But man was it sweet….


Metric15 –  The water system was fairly new and functional, but the tank was not secure.


Metric 16 –  I pulled the tank, flushed it well, strapped it down with plumbers tape, and redid the pump wiring.


Metric17 – Also redid the 4way plug and added quick disconnect wiring from the charge controller for the new solar panels.


Metric18 – Mounted the panels to the awning with rubber coated conduit clamps.  Panels and wiring were easily removable for towing, and stored under the bunk bed cushions.


Metric19 – replaced Propane tank, regulator and fittings.

Metric20 –  Probably my favorite trailer project to date!




Some owners

Christine Swalgin 15′ 1971 Dutch Craft Haven (restoration-remodel)

Seth Penoyer 15.5′ 1975 Dutch Craft Haven (also restored)