Manufacturer Information

United States Mobile Home Manufacturer of Osceola Indiana

Years built

1957-1960 as far as I know


Interiors of the 1959-1960 look much like the Shasta Airflytes

Standard Features

1959-1960 suicide door, cargo doors open bottom up.

Unique features/Options

1959-1960 16ft Have wings like a Shasta, but instead of them being separate pieces applied to the sides at the rear, they are a continuation of the aluminum with a support applied to the back. That support is screwed into the roof 


960 SunCruiser


Some owners

Cheryl Ovenshire 1957,

Doug and Pam Campbell 1959 16ft,

Terry Martin 1960 16ft

Teresa Woodgate Proctor 1959 16ft

Tom Demeuse 1960 16ft

Steve Hester 1959 16ft

Stephen Austin 16ft

Helen Fannin 1959 16ft

Tracy & Shira Charpentier 1960 16ft