Streamline Travel Trailer 

In the 1950’s, Silver Streak partners Kenny Neptune and Frank Polido bought fellow partner “Pat” Patterson out, and Pat went off on his own to produce the “Streamline” trailer. One common Streamline model name was the “Duchess”, and they also made a very unique early motor-home. The Streamline Trailer Company went out of business in early 1974.

I’ve learned the two partners of Streamline broke off from Airstream, and started Silver Streak, then one decided to use 3 rails foundation instead of just two to go on his own to create Streamline, with belly pan and more support. Some say the best made, but like a Ford, or Chevy man, that might be a personal concept. (Two plants were in production) lifetime warranty, was upheld by the placements of parts in a warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana, supposedly. It was thought the CA plant had a higher grade of aluminum, so these tend to polish up better.


The Streamline Travel Home (motorhome) became the Newell, and lives today.

Manufacturer Information

I own/am buying a ’67 empress 28 ft streamline, would like to see an imperial sometime. email… I have a 1973 Imperial. Just started working on it. Theresa in houston. I also have a 1973 imperial in jacksonville fl.8/3/2016

Years built


seen a duke, a dutchess, and a empress on line. my empress, has two bunks, just before the bathroom, at the rear, the kitchen has a slightly canted out sink, with a tv shelf above the sink, facing forward toward the front room, for comfortable tv viewing from the couch. seems roomy, We have a 19 foot Prince. So far, we have not seen another one even on line. We also have a 19 for prince here in London Ontario Canada it’s up for sale and all original email us for pics ergodcs@Gmail.Com I have a 1973 model Crown Imperial. Here in Houston… Thomas and Brona, I know of a 1959 Streamline Prince owned by Eric and Patti Dobbs Yes we have a 1959 prince, if I can figure out how to post pic’s I will. It’s all original we’re only the 2nd owner’s. Patty Dobbs We have a 1959 20 foot Streamline that Patty Dobbs found for us. The trailer is mostly original. Serial X204033 Jesse and Nicole Fordice 1972 31’ Streamline Crown Imperial currently (05/23/13) listed on “The Bay”. I have a 1972 Streamline Regency (24′). What I have noticed is that it does not have a window next to the entry door like some of the other models. I have only seen one other Regency model online.


The most striking feature is the gold stripe and trim on the streamliner, can be seen from a distance to be what it is

Standard Features

As opposed to Airstream & many other trailers, the Streamline (at least the 66 model) did not come with a power inverter for the 12 volt systems. Came with 2 separate systems, 1 ac & 1 dc. Most of the light fixtures have 2 separate lights & switches, 1 for each system. Trailer battery is charged by the tow vehicle when hooked to it. Just purchased a 59 Streamline Regency and would like to know the worth .

Unique features/Options

The pre-70s Streamlines, at least, were designed with Light Weight in mind. The designers knew that a lighter trailer meant better gas mileage for the owner’s tow vehicle. The cabinets are made of aluminum frames, with verticals and crossmembers bent in ways and riveted together, to create the cabinets, make them structurally strong, yet very light. They are designed in a manner to make the cabinets somewhat Modular, meaning they can be rearranged, moved around in different configurations, as long as you find a way to enclose end walls. They also are pop riveted onto the wall originally, so can be removed from the trailer initially, then screwed back onto the walls with screws. The famous “three rail frame” that distinguished the Streamlines, is partly true! The 2 heavy steel C beams that comprise the two outside most frame rails, go all the way from the front, where they are curved and bent in to form the tongue. The center rail is actually not solid– it is made of I beam sections and a tubular section– but the center beam ends at the wheel well box frame. The entire frame after the wheel wells, is the two outside frame rails only I know all this because I am renovating a 64 Countess. It got all new floor and is being rewired with updated wiring for a converter, more DC and AC outlets, and ultimately, Solar panels on the roof. The aluminum cabinets are beautiful things, very light and I intend to keep those. BTW a Countess is 26 foot overall but only weighs 3500 pounds as originally equipped! A similar 26 foot trailer manufactured today will weigh anyplace from 5000 to 7000 pounds. Quite a difference.




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