Sundowner built by Davenport Manufacturing Company in the mid 60’s in Watsonville California.

Information provided by Brad Davenport, son of the founders of the company.

Brad found one of the trailers posted by Barbara Cone in the TCT Facebook group and provided this information:

I have the sales literature as I posted above, a few snapshots I took as a 10 y/o of our exhibit at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in Feb. 1965, and some scans of the Watsonville newspaper with a story and photos when the plant opened. We made a 16 foot model and the 13 foot model and most of the information is for the 16. Yours is only the second I’ve run across. I found a 16 footer in a nationwide Craigslist search a few years ago that was in pretty good shape, too. It was in California. Not many were made, maybe a couple hundred, so it’s nice to see that at least two have survived. “


Cub – 13ft

Sundowner – 16 ft


Barbara Cone’s Sundowner Cub:


About the snapshots – Here are the photos from the Cow Palace exhibit. According to my photo album, Mom & Dad are sitting in a 13′ Cub. I’d have taken better/more photos if my 10 y/o self had known they’d be useful 54 years down the road.”