Terry Classic

Terry Classic

Heartland brought back the Terry after acquiring Fleetwood

February 10, 2017 by Dave Barbulesco of RV Business News

Elkhart, Ind.-based Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC has rolled out an iconic badge with the Terry Classic “retro” trailer, which debuted as a concept vehicle at last September’s Elkhart RV Open House.

Coley Brady, vice president of sales and marketing, told RVBUSINESS that in late 2009 Heartland acquired all the travel trailer trademarks and brands from Fleetwood Enterprise Inc. following the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as a result of the recession.

“We already resurrected the Prowler and Wilderness travel trailer lines and now we are bringing out the Terry, which has really strong brand recognition with consumers,” Brady said.

The diminutive Terry Classic also taps into the industry’s “retro” trend that continues to gain ground with RV buyers.

“There’s no doubt that the ‘retro’ look and feel is an area that has really gained a lot of traction in the last 12-24 months,” Brady said. “We were also intrigued by the price point, the weight, and the fact that it is a single-axle trailer. Long-term, our goal is to do more with the single-axle products.”

Other key features include: frameless windows, LED lighting, solid-surface countertops with edge lighting, stainless steel appliances and an electric bed lift. Brady noted that the Terry Classic is also equipped with a durable Lexan windshield which is used “on NASCAR cars and John Deere tractors.”

We were sent the Terry Production Details directly from Heartland:

Terry Classic Details
Model: V21 V22
DOM of 1st Unit by Model: 1/9/2017 9/5/2017
VIN of 1st Unit by Model: 343376 367277
Model Year: 2017   2017 TOTAL
Units Produced: 6 0 6
Red 6 0
Model Year: 2018   2018 TOTAL
Units Produced: 519 77 596
Red 417 39
Smoke 102 38
Model Year: 2019   2019 TOTAL
Units Produced: 17 162 179
Red 10 101
Smoke 7 61 781
Length: 22’3″ 23’9″
GVWR:           5,600           5,700
Dry:           4,460           4,708

The first 6 are considered the prototype units, of which I own one.

There are 6 distinctive “ Models” of the Terry Classic. See all of the terry models:

  • Top Left is the Prototype Model V21 with Victory Red Square. The Prototypes are distinctive as they have three orange running lights on the front top, and no Heartland Badging. These were used for RV Shows to stir up excitement about the unit. RV Business named it the TOP RV DEBUT for 2017.
  • Top Right is the first production run V21 with Victory Red Square. The production run added the TERRY name to the top front center, and Terry Decals to body

Then the second production run in mid 2018 they changed the exterior and added the V22. The V22 changed the floor plan to a more “open floor plan” and moved the kitchen to the front.

  • Middle Left Is V21 with Victory Red Stripe
  • Middle Right is V22 with Victory Red Stripe
  • Bottom Left is V21 with Smoke Stripe
  • Bottom Right is V22 with Smoke Stripe

Of the 781 units made, we have found about 400 of them. Original sticker prices ranged from state to state – $18,000 to $24,000. Units in excellent condition are still re-selling for over $20,000 (another resold this month) as demand remains high but availability is scarce.



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