Ace Campers

Ace Traveler Co Logo

Made in Alfred, Maine by Ace Traveler Corporation

1960s – early 1970s

Ace used playing cards for the name of their trailer models:

  • 13-ft Heart
  • 16-ft Diamond and self contained Royal Diamond
  • 20-ft Royal Queen and Club Royal

Key features were the baked on enamel aluminum skin and the inside walls and ceiling were covered in diamond-pattern aluminum. This was very unique with every other manufacturer using wood during this time frame.

Where is the serial number located: After wire brushing everything on the front of our 1964 ACE Camper, I found our VIN on the top passenger side of the tongue next to the trailer jack.
A note of caution: The VIN is stamped into the metal and it is not very deep. Therefore, do not sand or grind to remove the paint because you might get rid of the VIN also. Use a paint stripper or wire brush instead.



1966 Ace camper (model unknown)

1966 ACE 17.5′
’66 Ace Traveler

1969 Popular Science article