Hanson Love Bug

Hanson Trailer Sales was started by Henry M. Hanson Sr. in 1948. They not only built the Love Bug trailer line, but also built larger trailers known as custom coaches at the Hanson trailer factory. Hanson ran the business until 1958 when Kenskill took over operations. They continued to make the Love Bug trailers for two more years.

HI, I contacted Mr. Hanson’s son of Hanson Love bug. Here is the rest of the story that goes with the King. HI, I have a question and you may be just the person to answer it. Now I love The Hanson Love Bug, but I ended up with a 14 ft King trailer. And I was told a story of how Mr. Hanson and Mr Al (King maker) got into a dispute over the duplication of the two trailers. And a lawsuit took place. I’ve tried to look up the legal findings but was not able to find anything. My King is a 1953 made in Ca.. Looks much like the Love bug and that is what the lawsuit was about. Do you have information on this? I can answer that. There was NEVER a question about the King trailer being a duplication of the Hanson Love Bug, nor a law suit over that issue that I can remember. On our Glendora sales lot was a billboard that read “The Customer is King at Hanson Trailer Sales”. Mr. Al Rose, with his oversized ego, felt that infringed on his claim to be “the trailer king”. How he could be “The king” and copy our models so closely escapes me. Dad’s retort was “why buy the copy when you can have the original?” So the argument was about advertising infringement. We never took the sign down and I think it was mostly bluster by Al Rose to create attention. I know my Dad supplied the aluminum for the exterior of the King trailer, as well as most of the other trailers produced in the LA area during that period. See the picture of our sign on this site. One additional thing, as you can see on our sign, the customer has a crown on. Al Rose wanted to be the only one with a crown on his head because he was “ He was the Trailer King”. a few seconds ago Thanks for clearing that up. A fun bit of info to keep things straight. By the way I did get to see your rebuilt Love Bug and it’s little trailer while visiting Vintage Trailer Store! They really did a nice job. Thanks so much for that important fact of history! Al had a wife named Joanna and that is who started the AlJo line of trailers.

Manufacturer Information

Hanson Trailer Sales 2015 E. Alosta Avenue (Route 66) Glendora, California

Years Built

1948 – 1958 Hanson Trailer Sales

1958 – 1960 Kenskill


Models were made from 10’ to 22’


Interiors were finished wood with ample cabinet space, a dinette that seated four and were very spacious for their size.

Standard Features

Love Bugs included a refrigerator/ice box, stove, sink and dinette that could convert to a bed. They could sleep four, but did not come with a bathroom.

Unique Features/Options

A classic feature of the Love Bug trailers was the built-in magazine rack next to the bed. They included an option for an awning with a complete enclosure. They also included an insurance policy that provided protection from falling aircraft (a play on the small airport they had adjacent to their factory).


The Model 10 (10’ trailer) sold for $99 down and one payment of $635, or 36 monthly payments of $27.90.

RV Life article on the restoration of a Hanson trailer for Henry Hanson’s son, Dean Hanson: http://www.rvlife-digital.com/rvlife/february_2014?pg=6#pg6

Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/HansonLoveBug/



Canned Ham Trailers. 56 Hanson Love Bug
1951 Hanson Love Bug travel trailer
A fully restored 1953 Hansen “Love Bug” travel trailer will provide a perfect nights sleep with nostalgic decore.
Brown and beige striped awning with white fringe edging, on a 1952 Hanson Love Bug
Henry M. Hanson Sr pictured with a circa 1957 10 ft Hanson Love Bug.
1955 Hanson “Love Bug”
Love Bug (Jeff Boyd) Tags: old vintage 1940s trailer hanson lovebug fifthwheel
Hanson Love Bug Travel Trailer – 1952
1952 Hanson Love Bug
1953 Hanson Love Bug
the Murphy Auto Museum
1952_Hanson_Love_Bug. Hanson Trailer
1952 Hanson Love Bug Canned Ham Vintage Trailer Camper
Rare 1955 Hanson Love Bug “Sisters on the Fly” Prospect Vintage Travel Trailer I would redo the interior

1952 Hanson Love Bug

Camp Ready. Fully Restored (Frame off). Won Best Small Trailer at Palm Springs Modernism Trailer Show in 2014. Clean Title. “Canned Ham” style. Immaculate Condition. New Bed/New Dinette/Custom Curtains and touches (wine rack!) Original stove and oven works! New Tires. Tow Weight: 2200 lbs. 14 Feet long. Tows like a dream. New Wiring- for 120v and a separate 12v system. Sink and Fantastic Fans all work. Professionally painted. No bathroom but room for a porta potty. Fully restored cabinetry. New Marmoleum flooring. This trailer is a real show stopper and ready for fun. Camp today!