1964 Kamp King by Riviera Riviera Trailers were a small one at a time company built in Oakville Ontario. There was the model pictured here and a slightly longer version with a water closet. There were no “model names” given to the units. The owner of the pictured unit, Michael Lambert invented the name that seemed to go with the vintage of the trailer and re-christened it KAMP KING. It is likely a 71 or 72 trailer as that is what was on the ownership papers. Some of the parts on the trailer had a 60’s manufacturing date so we would advertise that at the car shows. This trailer was purchased as-is at a local Airstream dealer and completely restored by the owner. This included replacing every exterior screw, repainting inside and out. new axles, bearings, wheels and tires. Adding electric brakes. Replacing marker lights and updating the electrical service. Interior window fittings were polished and a new floor treatment installed. Upholstery was professionally done in vintage Ford Fairlane vinyl. I am wondering about the history of this camper. My wife owns a “RIVIERA” that she got from her parents and I am currently in the process of restoring due to water damage; however the manufacturing tag on this one states that it was built in Comerce City, Colorado. I am also aware of a camper that My Grand father put on a Ford Chassis that was also called a “RIVIERA” made in Colorado I agree with the previous paragraph. I too have a ’68 Riviera my husband and I are currently restoring. There is virtually no information about this brand online, but OUR camper’s tag does say Commerce City, CO. .

Manufacturer Information

Canadian, Oakville, Ontario possibly. Likely a home based business

Years built



the Kamp King pictured is a fictitious model name invented by the owner. Models were simply 16 or 18 depending on length


The trailer had a simple paneled plywood interior with a front dinette and a rear pull out bed couch. It has a bunk bed above the rear bed and the table drops down for a double bed. In complete chaos you could sleep 6. There is an ice box and a sink with a freshwater tank and a hand pump. No 12volt system. A/C system for shore power. and a 4 burner LP range. The Kamp King featured here has been re-upholstered in Bermuda Blue and White to match the Lambert’s tow vehicle and the floor re-tiled in black and white checkers. The paneling is bright white with aluminum accents giving the interior a “diner” feel. The retro fabrics used for the curtains complete the look. The new look is retro, modern and opens up the space.


Some owners

Restored and re-designed by Michael and Tina Lambert. The unit was sold in 2005 when the Lamberts purchased a vintage Airstream. Unit photographed at the Old Autos annual Classic Auto Show in Bothwell, Ontario, Canada