Robin Hood

Robinhood by Cadet Coach

Sold by Al Rose, “The Trailer King”, Triangle Trailer Sales (dealership) 10117 E. Garvey Boulevard, El Monte, California USA, GIlbert 8-98410

Manufacturer Information

Cadet Coach

Years built: 





Birchwood, sleeps 5 : table fold, double sofa bunk and upper canvas bunk

Standard Features

Propane stove (3burner) and oven, hand pump sink with 10 gallon water tank, Ice box with copper tubing to the drain; Electrical wiring throughout to allow for lighting. Propane heater in the floor.


More info to come as I discover it! 🙂 Incidental information: Like most trailers, the Robinhood comes with wrap around top storage. That is to say, there is a cabinet for every need above, and below. The original bunk was cotton duck (not real canvas) and it was rotted through so I made a new one out of true canvas, out of an original, real sail for a boat. Works much better and holds my boyfriend who weighs 240 easily, although he’s a bit cramped in there. 🙂 Hint: To sew a new one for yours: Use sail cloth, unbleached, untreated. Use an industrial sewing machine and a size 25 needle if you can get it, along with 500 pound upholstery thread. Additionally, the bunk poles are “built in” but can be moved to accommodate a wider frame.