Manufacturer Information

Built in Detroit Michigan

Years built

Detroiter was started in 1947 and stopped (sold out) somewhere in the mid 1980s. The very early trailers were little travel units like everything else in 1947. They were primarily a mobile home manufacturer and built the little campers for just a couple of years in the 60s.


In the mid-60s, Detroiter offered smaller trailer models from 13 1/2′, 16 1/2′ and 19 1/2′. Both the 13 1/2 and 16 1/2 models could purchase a cabover model as an option.


Birch wood with a standard layout


1964 4000$


1965 13 1/2 Detroiter “Traveler” with optional cabover

Some owners

I’m working on what is believed to be a 1948 Detroiter Coach.