2 rainbow trailers


Edwards MFG. CO. 8364 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California

1954 – Early 1960s

Rainbow trailer came completely equipped and ready to roll for vacation, travel, fishing and more. They had a two toned paint scheme with a lateral band on the body.


Vacationer Model 16

  • Painted Two-Tone Automotive Enamel.
  • Separate Full Length Screen Door.
  • Approved Directional Lights-Bargman non-rust.
  • Overall Length, 15’7″-Overall Height, 8 ft
  • Weight, 1650, approximately.
  • Porcelain Sink-Water pressure faucet and Bargman water pump
  • Deluxe Princess Oven-Range with Oven Regulator and Broiler
  • 52″ Inner Spring Mattress
  • Fused electric lines.
  • Electric refrigerator
  • Drapes on Travis Rods
  • One single opening window
  • Four Large Louver Windows
  • Sleeps 4
  • Large Entrance door
  • Complete Rear Vision Through Trailer
  • Roof Vent-removable screens
  • Washable Plastic Dinette Seats
  • Vented Stove Canopy
  • 700 X 15 Goodrich, First Line Tires
  • Butane Light
  • 12 Gallon Water Tank
  • Awning Rail

Vacationer Model 18

Specifications same as Model 16 except:

  • Body Length=14’7″ Inside height-6’4″; Body width-81″
  • Ice, electric or Butane refrigeration.
  • 40″ nook seats
  • 52″ Inner Spring Mattress

Years built

I have seen 1954,55,56 I own a 1958, purchased new by my grandfather. [[http://1958rainbow.blogspot.com]]


1956 and 1954 Rainbow Trailers
1955 Rainbow Trailer
1956 Rainbow Trailer
2 rainbow trailers

The truck and Trailer (mine) will be printed on a clear plastic disc and rotate as the second hand.
5 O’clock is open Because that’s the perfect time to park and have a drink.

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