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Jewel trailers were made by: Trailer Industries Inc., 2310 N. Rosemead Blvd., El Monte, CA.

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I just bought a Jewel off ebay and am going to pick it up Labor day weekend. It was advertised as a 1954, but he does not have a title or any paperwork to support it. Can any of you tell me if you think this is possible and how to tell? I will look for a VIN sticker or any identifying information, but I know the outside was spray painted white not long ago, I will check on the inside. It “looks” in pretty good condition on the inside and does have the rounded cabinets with mint green appliances & formica top on the counter & table. My email address is and I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Thanks! (I am pulling it home from CA starting Labor Day weekend 2010, wish me luck!)


From the one Jewel trailer I am restoring, there are a couple things unique about them. One is the use of round corner wood cabinets. Mine also has a half bathroom: toilet and sink with a hot water heater. It has a galvanized lined drawer with drain, the purpose, as per it’s original owner, was to use as a bath tub, somehow.


Jewel trailer Models 15, 17, 20 Trailer News test car Dexter Press, N.Y.
1957 Jewel
1956 Jewel

1958 Vintage Canned Ham – Jewel 17 Camper Travel Trailer
1956 21ft Jewel

The file name is 58 Gem, but it’s really a mid-50s Jewel.

1954 Jewel

1954 Jewel Vintage Trailer

This adorable vintage trailer is a classic mid-century design call a “Canned Ham”. Called such, because it’s shaped like a can of ham of course. The Jewel was built by a company called Trailer Industries, Inc., and like so many other trailers of this era, was manufactured in the bustling commercial area of El Monte, California. More than likely, employees moved from one factory to another, sharing design ideas and using the same parts available, which is why so many of these trailers from the 50s, built there, look very much the same.

This trailer is 15′ long, including the 3′ tongue, 6′ 6″ wide and 8′ high with an interior height of 6′ 5″. In the 1950s you could get a Jewel in 5 model lengths. The smallest, Jewel 15, which is what this is, Jewel 17.6, 19, 21, 25 and the Jewel 30. What makes this trailer a bit different then the dozens of trailers coming out of El Monte is the quality of materials used. The interior frame structure is made with wider and thicker slats, with no knots, that can weaker the structure. The birch cabinets are made with 1/4″ wood, rather than the standard of 1/8″, which is why maybe this trailer has lasted in such good condition for 60 years.

The trailer is said to sleep 5, 2 on the fold out dinette, 2 in the back bed and 1 small child in the birchwood bunk above the bed. Now, let’s face reality, this small trailer, with no bathroom, is really only comfortable enough for 2 people.

The interior of this Jewel is all original, with an apartment sized Pan American 4 burner stove/oven/broiler combo, original linoleum flooring, original vinyl on the the dinette seats, propane wall heater and an icebox. Check out the stunning rounded birch cabinets giving these vintage trailers the other nickname of “Birch Beauties”. The exterior has been restored and painted an early 50s Ford blue and custom grey-white. It’s all decked out with vintage camping gear and well appointed with fabulous fifties memorabilia.

The current owners bought this beautiful “jewel” of a trailer in it’s current state and go out on camping adventures with their dogs at least once a month, traveling from the coast of Malibu to the Santa Cruz redwoods.

Spec SheetYear: 1954
Make: Jewel
Model: 15′
Style: Travel Trailer
Width: 6′ 6″
Height Exterior: 8′
Weight (unloaded): 1590 lbs.

1954 Jewel Camper Trailer

1954 Jewel Camping trailer. Almost all original (previous owners did a few minor upgrades ..different fridge and painting on outside). Stove and Refrigerator work well. Tires are good. Clear title. Large bed and bunk bed, plus a table and benches convert to bed as well. Large closet.

Overall great condition especially for its age. It’s hard to find one in such nice condition.

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Some owners

Karen and Kenny Campbell, Albuquerque, NM

Rick & Allison Robb, Albuquerque, NM rraabfaber at gmail dot com

Doug and Donna Collins, Clovis, CA