Donhal, Inc in Bellflower, California

Began in 1957 producing vacation trailers, plant expanded in 1958. President: Donald Herfter, Vice President: Dwight Avery

Manufacturer Information

Donhal Inc. Bellflower, CA

9113 E. Artesia Blvd. Bellflower, Calif. Torrey 6-8926

later at 10123 East Washington Bellflower, CA

Years built

1957 to 1969


27′ 25′ 21′ (2 models)

and the most common,

17’6“ and 15′ models

introduced a 33′, and a 35′ model in 1960

1960 models: 15, 16, 18, 22, 25, 27, 33, and 35-foot


Interior is very stylish with room for (2) adults and perhaps (2) children. The layout is well planned and very comfortable. There is a lovely large front window that makes it nice to sit and enjoy a good meal while looking at the beautiful view.

Standard Features

One of the unique features of the Oasis is the beautiful ash wood interior. Each corner of the wood panel is rounded to give it a nice designer look.

Unique features/Options

One of the most unique features of the Oasis is the beautiful ash wood interior. Each corner is rounded to give it a nice designer look.

One of the largest front windows found on any travel trailer from this period.

Exterior: Distinctive “flame” two-tone paint job with polished aluminum accent.

Rounded silhouette as typical for this vintage of trailer, but distinguished by the “ogee” profile of the front section below the dinette window.

Later models (from about 1962 on) added a “spoiler”-esque feature to the rear profile, picking up on the curves seen in the paint job and front profile.


in 1958:

8′ wide, 15′ 1 bdrm. $1,129; 17.5′ 1 bdrm. $1,995; 21′ twin beds $2,720; 25′ 1 bdrm. $3,325; 27′ 1 bdrm. $3,525.




1964 Oasis (not original paint job)

Some owners

I have some pictures to share. This is what I believe a1960 Oasis 15 travel trailer that I saved.

Here it is done and looking neat behind my 1960 Chevy Belair.

Here is a picture of a 1964 16ft, with the front bunk over the hitch.

Facebook Page for Oasis Owners and Events:


Dodge Oasis Surfside Camper Van

Here are photos of what might be the only, or last known 1970 Dodge Oasis “Surfside” Camper van. It was made in April of 1970 in Bellflower, California. I removed all of the Mfg. tags before they crushed the camper. The serial number is: S025 and the model is S.S. for “Surfside.”

It appears that Oasis knocked off the Dodge Xplorer 21 Motorhome in their last days. How many they made, is unknown.

I own a 1973 Dodge Xplorer 224. That is what brought interest to me about this Oasis “Surfside” Camper Van. The cut out floor and the lay out, are the same.

1967 Donhal Oasis Motorhome