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Built 1945-1990

Yellowstone’s Slogan – “Good on the go and great when you get there”

In 1945, Elmer Weaver organized the Yellowstone Coach Co. in Wakarusa. The Yellowstone travel trailer was built and sold in Wakarusa Indiana. Yellowstone trailers were well built and the travel trailer of choice for carnival employees.

Manufacturer Information

Yellowstone was one of the very few companies that didn’t venture into the larger type mobile homes. Here is their 1955 23-footer with 1-bedroom with complete bathroom and kitchen.

1955 Yellowstone

Here is the 19′ model that was one of the regular units of 1955. The plan was interesting in that the bathroom was across from the bed in the rear creating a larger living area up front. Attached is the very same (model) trailer but the 1958 model…..hadn’t changed any.

By 1960 the original 23-footer gained a foot and was the 24-footer. An additional larger model, the 27-footer was also added to their line. None of the Yellowstone trailers were painted but maintained the popular ‘silver’ aluminum look.

In 1963 the Yellowstone Coach Co., Wakarusa, IN, came out with a 13 footer that that was only 6’6“ wide yet could sleep 4-8 “comfortably” and yet could be towed by one of the new foreign compact cars. Can you imagine going on a vacation with your wife and six kids in this trailer?

Years built





Yellowstone had 4 basic size the smalllest 16 foot, 19 foot, 24 foot, 27 foot.

1963 13′ 16′, & 19′ Specifications

  • 13′ 13G, 13C: Overall length 13′, Overall body length 11”, Overall width 6.5′ Interior height 6’2“, Weight 1500 lbs, Hitch wt. 210 lbs, 13×6:00 tires, 4” steel channel frame, Water tank and pump, Gas light. Brakes optional.
    • Model 13G: three burner range with oven.
    • Model 13C: ice box, 12 volt light.
  • 16′ 16C, 16R, 16S: Overall length 16′, Overall body length 14“, Overall width 7′ Interior height 6’2”, Weight 1980 lbs, Hitch wt. 225 lbs, 15×7:10 tires, 4“ steel channel frame, Gas Light, three burner stove with oven and thermostat.
    • 16C: Water tank and pump, ice box standard, optional: gas wall heater, gas refrigerator, pressure water system.
    • 16S: & 16R: 3 cu ft gas refrigerator, 15 gallon septic holding tank, gas wall heater, pressure water system.
    • 16R: Opional shower and gas water heater.
    • Gas/Electric refrigerator optional.
  • 19′ 19B, 19BF: Overall length 19’6”, Overall body length 17’6“, overall Width 8′ Interior height 6’6”, Weight 3200 lbs, 15×7:8 tires, 4“ steel box channel frame, 17,000 BTU gas heater, Electric brakes and control, Range with 4 burners and oven, 4 cu ft gas refigerator, 10 gal gas water heater, Pressure water system, Septic (holding) tank, Gas Wall heater, Gas light, 14′ awning rail, Electric exhaust fan, 12 V light.
    • 19B Hitch wt. 225 lbs, apt. size range
    • 19BF Hitch wt. 475 lbs, built in range


All birch wood interior

. Fiberglass insulation . Double floor insulated with fiberglass . Completey undercoated . Self-contained water tank with pump . Gas light . Gas heater . Gas stove/oven . Choice of either a electric or gas refrigerator . All alum. exterior and everything was nailed, no screws . Choice of a double bed . Electric brakes


Yellowstone RV was a local Elkhart manufacturer, and were made after WW2 until the early 1990’s. Why top of the line? Because it had birch interior, giving it a lighter, airier feeling. It used household type appliances, i.e. a full range stove and a refrigerator. A little heavier to tow, but more comfortable to live in. We review the exterior and interior. It came into the collection at the RV/MH Hall of Fame at the demise of Yellowstone RV. It was not a useable product, but used for show purposes.

This is our vintage camper (Glamper) restoration project…we purchased this 1963 Yellowstone pull-behind vintage camper from a hunting club a few months ago. It was in pretty bad shape, but with lots of TLC, we are slowing bringing it back to life!

Tour of a 1963 Yellowstone vintage trailer

1968 Yellowstone 18′ Vintage Travel Trailer

Vintage Yellowstone Camper Restoration Project PT2- Homestead Project

A little walk through of our vintage Yellowstone Sunset camper


Kehoe’s 1962 Yellowstone

Kehoe’s 1964 Yellowstone

1963 Yellowstone – Cutest Vintage Camper On Earth!

OK, that title might be just a wee bit of an exaggeration. I’m a bit partial. I actually did have a guy at the Ohio toll booth argue with co-worker saying that he thought it was ugly! Shocking isn’t it?!

You know you have a bad case of Aluminitis when you see the cutest trailer on earth and you instantly try and figure out where you can park it in the driveway. When I spotted this vintage Yellowstone I was instantly smitten! Can you blame me? I had to do some serious sweet talking in order to talk the Mr. into this one and I’m happy to say this cutie came home with me! However, with that said I am going to have to put up the sweet Hi-Lo for sale in the spring. I’ll be sad to see Chiclet go. I put a lot of hard work into her but in reality this trailer is a bit more practical for us as it sleeps more.

This is a 1963 Yellowstone that is 11 feet.

All of the photos below are “BEFORE” photos since I have yet to add décor and such to this trailer.

Feel free to pin this image below if you do Pinterest.


Picking it up was an adventure. We ended up driving in 5 states in just under 4 hours. That has to be a record or something right? No speeding was involved 🙂 We drove in MI, OH, IN, IL and finally WI. We met with the seller who was a nice gentleman who gave us the grand tour and after thoroughly checking everything out I promptly handed him payment. He handed me the keys and title, we hooking up, checked the lights, double checking that the hitch was secure and off we went. It was starting to get dark about 1/2 hour into our drive when we stopped for gas.

First photos! Isn’t it CUTE!?



I had made reservations at Jelly Stone campground in Portage, IN. and that is where we pulled in for the night. Let me just say that it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. It was more like a trailer park than a campground. Not that there is anything wrong with trailer parks but I just wasn’t expecting that we’d be sandwiched between park model mobile homes. All in all it wasn’t a pleasant experience staying there. The train is really close and LOUD all through the night. Also the folks in the park model across from us had this beater car that was super LOUD that kept coming in/out of the park throughout the night.  Maybe they were making beer runs?? Needless to say I won’t be staying there again. Lesson learned that just because a campground has a well known name attached to it, doesn’t mean it’s the same as the others.

This is a photo just before we pulled out of Jellystone the next morning.

Can you see us?


We decided to spend a couple nights in Shipshewana, IN and we had a great time there! Such great food, shopping and we stayed at the Shipshewana campground – South Very nice campground. We had a nice shady spot in the rear. I really enjoyed staying here. They do not have fire pits at the sites so if I were to point out one draw back that would be the only one. That didn’t bother us though and they do have a community fire pit you can use or you can use a grille if you bring one for roasting marsh mellows.

There are several of us Mid-Michigan folks thinking of having a rally at this campground next year in June. If interested get with me and I’ll get you the info as it becomes available.

Funny story…I had some folks stop by and ask if they could peek inside. Of course I let them and I chatted with them for awhile. During the conversation I swear they must of asked me 4 times if I wanted to sell it. All 4 times I politely told them not at this time. They were nice folks.


The Shipshewana campground South Park has nice, clean sites and these were my favorite in the back where there are shade trees.



As far as the condition of the exterior, it does have flaws. Don’t we all?! The skin on the sides is in very nice condition but the lower front has some dings and such and the roof has been coated with some grey goop. Take note of  the photos I took. Notice you can hardly see any damage to the lower front?? Those of you looking to buy campers be aware that pictures in ads may not show damage! I wasn’t trying to not show it here but it’s just how my photos turned out. Probably the sun reflecting, etc., Anyway, back to the roof….I’m not sure what has been painted on up there until I get up there and take a close look. If it’s beyond removal, I may just replace the entire roof with a one-piece panel of aluminum. I know I’ll definitely replace the lower front panel. It’s completely camp-able as it is but those are my goals. I’m not in a hurry so will take my time.

OK, I know you all are probably like “Hurry up and show us the interior already!”. I won’t keep you waiting any longer! Here it is. This is the dinette and you can see the overhead bunk area. I love the birch in this trailer. It’s really in amazing condition. The only exception that I can see is around the front window in the upper bunk so I will have to replace that panel at some point.  The cushions will be recovered and the curtains replaced.


The kitchen area. Notice that vent? I can honestly say I have no idea how to open/close that thing. It’s the strangest thing. There is some sort of raised vent cover on the roof as well. This thing has me stumped. In any case, it won’t matter as I plan on replacing the entire roof with a one piece section of aluminum. I’m amazed at how well preserved the wood is in this trailer. Oh and see those little lights on the wall in the kitchen? Those are battery operated and you can take them out of their holders in case you need to use one as a flashlight. They are handy little gadgets. I’ll probably leave them for that reason.


The counter and table have new boomerang formica.



Ceiling and vent. Love this wood!


Here is the rear. The gaucho pulls out to make a double bed.


The floor is just a plain grey- blue speckled patterned vinyl that the previous owner added. Eventually I’ll probably change it as they put a seam {duct tape} in it near the door.


Itty bitty floor to ceiling closet. There is enough room in here to store a luggable loo and hang clothing.


Another view of the kitchen.


The overhead bunk. Those two little grey things you see on the ceiling to the right and left of that light are tracks for a curtain rod. Not sure the kind yet but hope to figure that out so I can get a rod for it and make a cute curtain for the bunk. The wood up here is also in great shape except for that front panel surrounding the front window. There is also a ladder that you can’t see laying up there.


The End. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please feel free to send me name suggestions. For now she {or I guess possibly he} is nameless.


Some Owners

1947 18′ Yellowstone – working on fixing some water damage to the back floor. Otherwise in wonderful condition. Original appliances, stove and refrigerator, still work. Western KY

1957 Yellowstone 16′ “all options: gas/elec fridge, pressurized water, elec and gas lights, etc” new to me/but old to some, just starting plans for how far to restore, 11/2/2010 digrant @ verizon. net in Maryland (will post pics sometime soon)

1958 Yellowstone, Restored with Hardwood, Berber carpet, granite counter, rest all original, love it!

1958 Yellowstone 16 ft completely gutted. Re-wooded & re-skinned. Need all sorts of help, manuals, etc. Greg at gp001 @ Picts later! 10/11/2014

1951? Yellowstone 19 ft. under construction right now- 5/18/07 Rick Branson.

16′ 1963 Yellowstone Trailer Model 16S – John Case – JohnCase3 at aol dot com – 3rd owner (at least) In use every year 1995 – present.

1959 Yellowstone Trailer 16 foot all alum. Very nice polished up! Owner- Alex Logan New Hudson, Michigan!

19′ 1963 Yellowstone Trailer Model-19BF Gipsygman – – at least 3rd owner, originally from Niagra,NY area – under renovation

1979 27′ Yellowstone Country Club Needs some TLC, but still sturdy. 2nd owner, Sheri, Western NY

1959? 24B Yellowstone. Got it free, working on sealing it up and repairing some water damage, any tips on polishing exterior?

1964 13′ Yellowstone. Getting close to end of restoration. Is there a Yellowstone club or rally anywhere? Missouri/Kansas?

1959 14′ Yellowstone Trailer Just bought it need to know where to find parts. If anyone can help contact me at Jim and Amy Lee Owners Shelby, Indiana

1961 16′ Yellowstone. BeeBee (my Yellowstone’s nick-name) resides in Woodstock, IL – Can see pics at:

1963 13Ft Yellowstone. 13G Model. Bought on 06/10/2009 from friend. In the Process of fixing it up. When I had bought it the interior was and is in its original state, no leaks except for the back window had rotted out, someone left the window open for the past five years. I bought it for 150.00. Everything works except on light cover was burned out because of the wrong bulb. Everything is like new. I will be posting pictures soon.I am also so proud to have one. Its is my first travel trailer, and wont be the last one. I am also in the process of starting a club and forum for vintage travel trailers here in Columbus, Georgia, with most of the attention on Yellowstone’s, If you are interested email me.

1964 16′ Yellowstone. WA State owned by dennilane at gmail dot com. I Bought, I mean rescued it from potential disaster from a lady in the summer of 2008. I have begun, and I’m in the middle of restoration. I believe mine is the 16S but unfortunately due to dry rot, and my personal preferences, it will change just a little bit, specifically the main cabinet and closet. The Dinette/Bed, Kitchen and Gaucho will stay right where they are at. I’m pretty much doing a full restoration though. I started the Flickr group listed below in the ‘Clubs’ where you can view mine, others and add pics your own Vintage Yellowstone. Please join!!! My goal is to take a 2 week long trip and hit Yellowstone National Park along with Mt Rushmore with the Kids (along with other fun sites) just like my husband and I did in his S10 truck on our Honeymoon in 1996. Why? because you have to take your Yellowstone to Yellowstone, that’s why!

Robert and Beth Haeske 1963 13 ft. “Mellow Yellow” Milan, MI

Yellowstone facebook group

Andrew Gunneson’s Vintage Travel Trailers – Two Yellowstones, one came with a packet of original literature including an owners manual. Literature is being typed up and added. – Open Yahoo Group Site dedicated to the exchange of pictures, communication and information involving Vintage Yellowstone Travel Trailers. – Open Flickr Picture Group for Vintage Yellowstone Travel Trailer pictures only We recently purchased a 1964 Yellowstone Travel Trailer and we are looking for anyone who has a copy of the Owners Manual. We would like a copy. Please contact us at the noted e-mail address. Posted 28Sept2010. Thank you. George Chamberlain

Yellowstone restoration videos: