Shasta Travel Trailer


The Shasta Trailer Company started out in 1941 by building mobile home trailers for the US Armed Forces in a Los Angeles, California plant. After WWII, they sold mobile homes under the Cozy Cruiser brand. 1952 was the first year for the Shasta brand to roll off the assembly line in Van Nuys. Models from 14′ to 35′ were offered. The boom in mobile homes and travel trailers was in full swing and the public couldn’t get enough of the Shasta brand. In April of 1958, Shasta opened the Goshen, Indiana plant to keep up with demand.

The distinctive wings were added to the Shasta line in the late 50’s and continued on the trailers and even some motorhomes until the early 80’s. During this time, the Shasta brand was the best selling trailer brand in the US. That is why, after all this time, “Vintage” Shastas are still so popular and available everywhere.

By early 1963, Shasta had added another production plant in Leola, Pennsylvania and was up to 5 different models of trailer. Later in that same year, the all-new model 1500 was offered to 5-star reviews. Again proving to the public, that the value that was built into the Shasta brand was well worth the low price!

In 1964 came the first of the “square-ish” Shastas with the introduction of the redesigned Compat model. It’s leaner, cleaner lines were a sign of things to come and was very well received by the general public. By late 1966, all of the Shasta trailers would be designed with the more modern look. Production plants were also added in Grapevine, Texas and Battle Ground, Washington.

During 1969, the brand new Loflyte was being offered and was a big hit with the RVing public. A sixth plant was added in Columbia, South Carolina as the Shastas were in great demand. And by 1973 there were nearly 500 Shasta dealers throughout the U.S. offering all new models with stylish interiors and all-new exterior styling with bold striping along the sides. The wings were smaller than before, but they were still there!

At some point in time, Shasta trailers were produced by Shasta Industries, a division of the W.R. Grace Company (this information obtained from a 1975 model year owners manual).

Coachman Industries bought the Shasta brand in 1976. They continued making Shasta trailers and motorhomes until as recently as 2004. At one time during the early 1980’s, the Shasta name was on nearly every conceivable type of RV…Motorhomes, 5th-wheels, travel trailers, and even some pop-up campers.

The Shasta brand seems to have disappeared with no goodbye and no fanfare. Not really a fitting end to such an amazing part of American history. Until it’s disappearance, Shasta had been the longest continuous producer of trailers in the United States.

In the summer of 2000, Shasta cut their model lines down significantly. When I asked why, the staff at the plant in Middlebury, IN said Coachman was looking to reduce the number of models/lines offered. Coachman was bought out by River Forest. In 2009 Forest River made the Shasta Airflyte 12′ with a great retro look for one year but discontnued it because it would compete with their small lightweight trailer called the R Pod.

As of late 2010, Shasta is once again producing Travel Trailers and Fifth wheels.The company is a stand alone division of Forest River, and offer Oasis, Revere and Flyte travel trailers and Phoenix fifth wheelsfor the 2013/2014 model years.

We are restoring a 1955 Shasta trailer but I cant’find any that look like ours. It is all alumimum with only one window on the sides that open top & bottom. It has a full stove with 4 burners,ice box on the door side of the trailer. The Shasta also has a heater in it between the stove & sink area. Our trailer has a full bed in back with a hamik on the top a kitchen table in front that folds down to a bed.

If you know anyone that has a 55 Shasta like ours would you send them our e-mail address Thanks you

Shasta travel trailers were recreational vehicles originally built between 1941 and 2004. Founded by industry pioneer Robert Gray, the firm was originally situated in a small factory in Los Angeles, California to provide housing for members of the US Armed Forces. With the growth in sales over the following 30 years, the “home” factory in L.A. moved to three steadily larger facilities in Southern California, in addition to six other factories established across the country to better serve the regional markets. At the time of its purchase by the W.R. Grace Company in 1972, Shasta was the largest seller of recreational vehicles in the United States (also including motorhomes in its inventory). Coachmen Industries, Inc. bought the firm from Grace in 1976.

The high quality and low price of Shastas made them a favorite with campers all over the United States.

Shasta Loflyte trailer, built in 1971, currently located at Lost Valley Educational Center

Same Shasta Loflyte Trailer in the Snow in March

The “wings” on the rear sides were a visible identifier in the 1960s and beyond. The name was sold to Coachmen Industries. Coachmen marketed Shasta branded travel trailers until 2004. Only vintage trailers were available until 2008 when the brand was reintroduced complete with its identifying wings. The new trailers have updated art deco interiors and are all electric. Their features include stainless steel microwaves, stainless steel sinks and mini blinds, hot plate cooktops, wet baths and entertainment features – including a 19″ LCD television.

In 2010, Shasta RV re-emerged as a division of Forest River Inc. In March 2012, Mark Lucas became the president and general manager of Shasta RV. The company has grown to include a sales office, multiple production facilities and a finished goods staging area.

In 2015, Lucas introduced the 1961 Airflyte re-issue with production limited to 1,941 units, honoring the company’s first year in business. Re-issues were available in 16-foot and 19-foot floorplans and in three two-tone colors: Matador Red, Seafoam Green and Butternut Yellow, all with Polo White. These models included the signature “Z” stripe and the iconic wings. However, Shasta ended up recalling 1,736 of the re-issued Trailers for window and tire issues.[1] [2]

Shasta RV currently builds the Oasis, Revere and Flyte lines of travel trailers and the Phoenix line of fifth wheel travel trailers.

Vintage Shasta Trailer VIN Numbers

Beautifully restored vintage Shasta trailer with iconic wings, from the 1960's

If you’re checking out a vintage trailer for sale, you need to thoroughly inspect it and ask the seller a lot of questions. One of the most important details you need to confirm is that the seller has a “title” document (sometimes called a “Pink Slip”), verifying that he/she owns the trailer. In addition, you need to make sure that the VIN (i.e., “Vehicle Identification Number”) printed on the title document, matches the VIN number attached to the trailer.

On vintage Shasta trailers the factory stamped a unique VIN numberPhoto shows the location of the VIN number stamped into an original vintage Shasta trailer frameon each trailer’s frame, near the tongue. You should be able to find the VIN number stamped into the curb-side (i.e., “door side”) leg of the tongue frame, on the outside face (see the red outlined area in the photo at the right). You should also find a small VIN plate welded to the inside face of the street-side leg of the tongue frame (the green outlined area in the photo at the right). If this is an un-restored trailer, these numbers on the frame may be obscured by rust, dirt and peeling paint. You may need to get up-close and use a flashlight to make out the digits. If the seller will let you, try lightly sanding the area to remove some of the built-up gunk, and expose the numbers. If you can’t find any numbers, or the numbers have been altered (filled-in, filed-off, scratched off, etc.), or the numbers don’t match the VIN number printed on the title you should probably walk away. Getting the State to help you sort out the descrepancy will most likely be a difficult and hair-pulling experience. Worst case; this trailer is stolen and the “seller” doesn’t really own it. Just walk away.

The VIN number printed on the title document may match just the digits on the welded-on plate, or it may match the longer number stamped into the curb-side of the frame. Regardless of which way the trailer was originally titled, make sure the VIN number printed on the title matches one of the numbers on the trailer’s tongue frame.

Photo of the welded-on VIN number plate installed by the factory on a vintage Shasta trailer frame
Technically, the number on the small welded-on plate (click on the photo at the left) contains the actual VIN number assigned by the Shasta factory. There doesn’t appear to be a consistent scheme used by all of the Shasta factories thru-out the production years, for assigning these VIN numbers. Each number is unique, but don’t expect to be able to determine the trailer’s month or year of manufacture, based on the VIN number.

The number stamped on the curb-side of the frame Photo shows the location of the VIN number stamped into the side of a vintage Shasta trailer frame by the factorywill usually be longer, incorporating the number from the welded-on plate plus some other letters and numbers (click on the photo at the right). Generally, Shasta used the letter codes to indicate which factory location built the trailer, but de-coding the meaning of these letters tends to be an inexact science. Some trailerites believe that the extra numbers stamped onto the curb-side of the frame may indicate the trailer’s production sequence number (it is believed that during the 60’s, the Northridge plant stamped a ‘PA’ after the VIN and followed this ‘PA’ with a sequence number, as shown in the photo) within that manufacturing plant – possibly indicating the year the trailer was built, but again that is just conjecture.

Here is a partial list of the the “Shasta Plant” letter codes you may find included in the string of characters stamped into the frame:
‘C’ –   Built at Shasta’s Van Nuys, California plant
‘CA’ – Built at Shasta’s Van Nuys, California plant
‘DS’ – Built at Shasta’s Northridge, California plant
‘ES’ – Built at Shasta’s Northridge, California plant
‘FS’ – Built at Shasta’s Northridge, California plant
‘GS’ – Built at Shasta’s Northridge, California plant
‘HS’ – Built at Shasta’s Northridge, California plant
‘P’ –    Built at Shasta’s Leola, Pennsylvania plant
‘S’ –    Built at Shasta’s Columbia, South Carolina plant
‘T’ –    Built at Shasta’s Grapevine, Texas plant
‘V’ –    Built at Shasta’s Goshen, Indiana plant

What Year is My Vintage Shasta Trailer?

Beautifully restored vintage Shasta trailer with iconic wings, from the 1960's
Trying to figure out what year your vintage Shasta trailer was built, will often involve some research and sleuthing. Original production unit counts from the Shasta factory have been lost to time, and finding original dealer brochures and pamphlets can be very difficult. In addition, registering a travel trailer back in the 1950’s and 1960’s was often a casual exercise and it wasn’t uncommon for a new trailer to be licensed by the state with the wrong year on the registration document. Adding to an already murky situation, trailer owners often lost track of the

registration paperwork for “that old trailer sitting behind the barn”. You would think that with the large number of trailers produced by Shasta and still in existence today, that tracking down your vintage Shasta trailer’s birth date would be a fairly simple task. Unfortunately, it’s usually not.

So to make your quest a little easier, here’s a chronological list of Shasta trailer features and design changes over the years:

 The Shasta company has been building trailers since 1942, producing their “Cozy Cruiser” trailer models through model year 1951. The company began building “Shasta” brand trailers in model year 1952.

 For model years 1952 through 1957, Shasta trailers didn’t change Photo shows a restored 1956 Shasta 1400 trailer with no wings on the sidemuch. During this era Shastas had no “wings”, but with a rounded profile front and back, no rear bumper, 3 separate window frames across the front, a wooden screen door and wonderful honey gold shellacked birch interior woodwork, these early Shastas are the epitome of the classic “canned ham” trailer. Shasta trailers were available in several different lengths but the overall shape and design features were very similar across the model range.

 Shasta introduced big changes starting with model year 1958. Picture of a restored 1960 Shasta trailer showing the new front profile introduced in model year 1958The most noticable change was in the front profile which now leaned forward at the top as it curved up into the roof, instead of the simple rounded front end on the 1952 – 1957 Shasta models. The other big change starting in 1958 was the pair of unique shiny ribbed “wings” that now adorned both sides of the trailer at the rear, jutting boldly backwards to evoke a whimsical feeling of “winged flight”. These wonderful wings were unique to the Shasta trailer and when you see a vintage trailer with wings today, you immediately recognize it as a Shasta. If your vintage Shasta trailer has the “upper leaning forward” front end but no wings, the wings may have been there originally but were removed by a previous owner at some point in the trailer’s life. Look for tell-tale screw holes in the siding at the upper back of the trailer, as a clue that your Shasta had wings when it left the factory and is therefore a post 1957 model. The 1958 models also now came with a heavy-duty u-channel bumper across the back of the trailer, that was welded solidly to the trailer’s frame. Shasta model years 1958-1960 generally share all of these attributes.

 More changes came along in 1961. Shasta trailers Photo of a vintage 1964 Shasta trailer showing new metal screen door and front profile first introduced in 1958now came with a light weight aluminum screen door instead of the classic old wooden screen door. For the interior, the old-fashioned radiased (rounded) corners on the cabinets were replaced with a modern right-angle corner. In addition, Shasta was now building some trailers with interior woodwork finished with a “modern” slightly milky finish instead of the traditional but more labor-intensive “golden amber” shellacked finish from previous years. The iconic “Shasta Wings” were still affixed to every Shasta, but now instead of the old wood-core “wrap-around” wings that stepped over the trailer’s side gutter molding, the gutter molding was notched to fit the new “flat” wings which now had an aluminum core and were attached to the side of the trailer using rubber spacers so the wing sat off the siding by about 1/2″.

 For model year 1965, Shasta introduced big changes again. The rounded front and rear exterior profiles were flattened quite a bit for a more modern “squared-off” design. But even with this new design direction, the beloved “Shasta wings” remained, and still appeared on the sides of Shasta trailers into the mid 80’s.

 These design changes may help you get close to determining your Shasta’s birth date, but wouldn’t it be great if the factory stamped the year-of-manufacture on your trailer? Fortunately, on some Shastas the factory left some tantalizing clues that could tell you exactly the year your Interior view of a vintage 1961 Shasta trailer showing the kitchen countertop and original sink, which may include the manufacture dateShasta was built. The first place to look is on the outside of the sink. Open the cabinet doors below the sink and closely examine the side of the sink and you may get lucky and find the manufacture date stamped there by the factory. Another place to check is behind the mirror attached to the hallway cabinet door. Carefully remove the screws that attach the mirror to the door and look for a date stamped on the door behind the mirror, or on the backside of the mirror itself.

Vintage Shasta Trailer Specifications, Weights and Dimensions

One of the most popular lines of trailers is the Shasta. Since the 1940’s, Shasta trailers have been very popular for their low cost, light weight and large amount of room compared to their compact size.  Easily recognized by its distinctive wings and “canned-ham” shape, the Shasta trailer was the best selling travel trailer brand from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Shasta trailers quickly became a favorite of campers all over the United States due to their low price and high quality and old models are still very popular among vintage trailer restorers and collectors today.

Shasta trailers were manufactured from 1941 until 2004, then again since 2010.

Shasta’s many models offer a variety of interiors, exteriors, and degrees of self-containment which enables you to choose the model which best meets your tastes and needs.  With the table below, compare each vintage Shasta trailer model to help find the right one for you.

Vintage Shasta Trailer Models

Symbols: S=Standard Equipment, O=Optional Equipment, a=Optional Fold-out Double Bed, i=Ice, GE=Gas-Electric Refrigerator, b=Gas-Electric Refrigerator Optional, c=Double Bowl Sink, d=Pressurized Water System, e=Optional Portable Chemical Toilet, F=8 sq. ft. LP Gas-Electric Refrigerator Standard, g=30 lb Gas Cylinders, H=4 Burner Cook Stove Standard, L=4 Wheel Brakes Standard, r=Rating

Years built

1941 through 2004.


Early 60s models:


1966 Shasta model 1500 – This is a very typical mid-60’s style of Shasta. Beginning in the mid-60’s the older rounded style of the 50’s was replaced with the more angular style as shown here. This unit had a grooved wood paneling, which replaced the birch ply interiors of the earlier years.


Later Models (Late 60s – Early 70s)

69 1400 rear

69 1400 kitchen

1969 Shasta Stratoflyte 20ft

Some owners

Annie Croissant, Oregon. 1964 Shasta Continental. In most internet sites it states that the Continental model was made in 1965 but my title states the year as 1964.

Connie, Imperial Beach, CA Year:1969 Model:1400. Don’t know what number owner I am but it’s in pretty good condition. I’m sure it can use some restoration instead of just decoration, but since nothing major is visible, I’m playing first!

Kevin Davis, NC 1974 Compact 13′ 1966 17′ SC

Donna Friar, Newaygo, Michigan 1963 Shasta 12′. My husband surprised me with this on Christmas morning several years ago.

Scott & Lauren Frymoyer 1969 Shasta Astroflyte. I haven’t been able to find any information about this model in 1969, any help would be appreciated. It’s in pretty good shape and we’re using it as we try to fix and maintain her. With new information I now think it’s actually either a 66 or 67. It makes more sense as the general shape of the trailer fits those years.

Dan Hellier Raleigh NC. 16SC and 1400 , unsure exactly what years. Please check out NC RV Soutions at There is a picture link at the bottom of the web page.

Dave and Debby Looney, Springtown,TX 1971 Shasta Stratoflite We were lucky enough to get the title with the camper. We are doing a complete rebuild. We hope to go back with the walls tomorrow 10-21-07

Gary,Honesdale,PA 1959 AERFLYTE purchased new in 59 by my moms brother James Bryant and was kept in mint condition.I have had it two years and have towed it cross country two times. Gets lots of attention every where we go.I also have a mint 1960 15 ft. Zollinger.

Sam and Michelle Ishihara, Apex, NC, purchased Dan Hellier’s fully restored, 1969 Shasta 1400, in the summer of 2007. We affectionately dubbed it “Once in a Blue Moon” and we are having a blast. With 3 college kids at home, we run away every chance we get. We can’t stop smiling….:) Dan did a fantastic restoration!

Dave & Pat from Little River, SC, a 1975 RL 1750 manufactured in Leola, PA.

Ryan & Linda frizzell,Toledo, oh., Purchased new 2009 12′ shasta airflight while on vacation this year. downsized from 25′ white box. We also restore vintage trailers, curent project is a 1967 aristocrat 10’Lil Loafer.

Brad & Tricia Kiekintveld Holland, MI USA, purchased 2001 Shasta Ultraflight new in August, 2000. One of 6 units made in June, 2000 at Middlebury, IN. The ultraflight series lasted only one year, the 2001 model year our trailer was made is not documented. We were told the other 5 trailers went out west to a trailer show. We bought our trailer sight unseen, we were getting ready to order one, but the line was cancelled. To my knowledge, our model (2547 – front dinette, double bed bunks, both bunk beds are double beds) was the only 2001 Shasta trailers built in the Ultraflight series. The trailers had smooth sides, very light weight (3200lbs dry for my 25′ trailer) – Our trailer has the 60th anniversary package on it. To bad the production was stopped around 2004, up until then it was the longest manufacturered travel trailer in this country. I will look for the sales brochure and post it on this site.

Carole Rietman, West Olive, Mich [just a stone’s throw or so above Holland] bought a vintage in quite good shape – 1961 Shasta ?Aeroflyte from Jane in June of this year. It’s now in wonderful shape after a LOT of scrubbing, just needs a little TLC with some minor wood damage inside. Looking to replace the “wings” which did not come with it, unfortunately. FIRST time out camping in it today:-), July 19,2010. Has the registration paperwork and two full tanks of propane even.

Karen & Phil Henderson, South Carolina, 1971 Shasta Stratoflyte, 18′. It has a bathroom and a kitchen and even a closet! We have had to gut it though because a previous owner took the cover off of the vent over the propane refrigerator and it had severe water damage from sitting out in the weather for many years. She is in a covered garage now, so the renovations have begun. We have none of the original paperwork, but from the stickers on the side she was manufactured in Pennsylvania. The stove and oven work, but the refrigerator and water heater are dead. Going with an electric frig and a tankless water heater. Also looking into putting solar panels on her roof and a battery system just in case we decide to go off grid.

Bob and Phyllis in Irmo SC have a 1973 model 1400 and a 1956 model 1500. They can be seen at:

2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Reissue Vintage Travel Trailer

A highly popular and sought-after Vintage travel trailer we are reposting for your perusal. Shasta’s Airflyte is still very popular in searches and (hopeful) purchases. Their reissue included lots of current updates that are, 3 years later, still very useful and current enough for most of our current technology as well. Enjoy the original overview and video walk-through at the end by Shasta’s owner.

MSRP: Starting at $15,000 USD (from 2015)

Length: 16’4″


For 2015, Shasta has created a nearly exact replica of it’s iconic 1961 Shasta Airflyte 16SC Travel Trailer complete with the legendary Shasta wings! Shasta started in 1941 and to commemorate their 75th anniversary they are producing a limited construction of 1,941 trailers and will be available in all three original colors; Matador Red, Seafoam Green, and Butternut Yellow.


Shasta has paid close attention to duplicate every small detail down to the original Shasta logo magazine rack. The new Shasta Airflytes will also feature an all-in-one bathroom with a toilet and shower in place of the closet to meet the desires of today’s campers.


The Airflyte “canned ham trailer” has a vintage interior that remains close to the original, but with all modern appliances and plumbing. Some tweaks have been made though: for example, instead of a twin-size bed, the reproduction accommodates more people by allowing for a full bed. A bunk bed option is also available. This will feature the same full bed/dinette and bunks.


It comes with a dog-bone pattern Formica on the counter tops, and birch cabinet doors, as well as LED lighting. Tuck-and-roll pleather matching the exterior color, that looks old, is on the bench seating in the dining area. The floor is also made of black-and-white vinyl.


This new travel trailer boasts tons of storage throughout with sleek finishes! The Shasta weights roughly 2,270 pounds, making it easily tow-able behind most SUVs, sedans, and mini vans. So, enjoy the finer things in life with this 2015 Shasta AirFlyte 16.


Interior Features:

  • Concealed Radio Controls w/ Aux Input
  • Hidden Bluetooth stereo
  • Dinette w/ two tone, tuck-and-roll pleather wi silver welt
  • Dinette makes 54″ x 76″ front bed
  • Rear bench makes 39” x 56″ bed
  • “Dogbone” pattern Formica counter tops trimmed with aluminum edging
  • Bathroom with toilet and shower where the original closet would be
  • Birch wood cabinet doors and other interior features
  • “Scalloped” cabinet doors with retro “Chevron” handles
  • Shasta Logo Magazine Rack
  • Black and White checkerboard vinyl flooring
  • Interior color scheme to match exterior
  • All Interior Lights are LED
  • Original Gas Lamp reproduced to look like 1961 gas lamp is LED
  • Throwback Hehr Jalouise Windows
  • Draperies
  • 3 Burner Cooktop
  • 3 Way ReferSS Micro Oven
  • 3-Wat Refrigerator with Freezer


Exterior Features:

  • Hidden flip-down stabilizer jacks
  • Hidden outside speakers
  • LED exterior lights made like ’61 retro style
  • 24″ wide entry door (original 22″)
  • Friction hinge door
  • LED Lighted Door Handle
  • Hidden air condition
  • Jalousie windows true to original (except back
  • Same 3 Original Colors fire escape window)
  • Wings are to Exact Original Dimensions
  • Same 3 Original Colors to choose from:
    Seafoam Green
    Buttercup Yellow
    Matador Red (color from GM in 1961)
  • Wide Sidewall Radial Tires
  • Rope and Pole Awning
  • 30 AMP Service
  • Original Log Style Aluminum Sliding

SPECS for 2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Reissue Travel Trailer:

Exterior Length 16′ 3.75″
Exterior Width 7′ 0″
Exterior Height 96″
Interior Height (with A/C) 6′ 4″
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 2,470
Tank Capacities
Fresh Water Capacity (gals)  25
Gray Waste Water Capacity (gals)  18
Black Waste Water Capacity (gals)  11
Water Heater (gals) Gas/Electric  6
A/C (BTU)  5,000



1961 Shasta Airflyte Reissued in 2015 Club

The Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum:

Vintage Shasta specifications Classic Shasta Trailer Discussion group. Get your manuals, ads, etc., here. VintageShastaClub on Yahoo Shasta History, Wings and Paint information, etc. Shasta Compact site Shasta LoFlyte Dedicated Info Repository

NC RV Solutions – Shasta restoration project For vintage style Shasta decals, has many colors to choose from.


Vintage Shasta Trailer Pictures

Of the hundreds of different brands of “canned ham” style travel trailers manufactured during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, the classic Shasta Trailer is certainly one of the best known. The polished “Shasta Wings” jutting off the rear are widely recognized, and are usually the first feature that comes to mind when someone mentions that their family had a Shasta Trailer. This well known company was established in 1942 and these rounded beauties were built on Keswick Ave in Van Nuys California then later Northridge California, with another facility in Goshen Indiana. The predecessor to the Shasta, the “Cozy Cruiser”, began rolling out of the factory in 1951, with the classic “canned ham” shape. Early Shastas retained this rounded side profile through model year 1957. The beloved “Shasta Wings” first appeared on the 1958 models, when the original rounded canned-ham shape was altered with the top frontal area now leaning slightly forward and then angling back inwards toward the bottom. The popular Shasta trailer came with warm natural wood interior paneling and cabinets of Birch or Ash. The kitchen counter and dining table were covered with color-coordinated laminate which was also used for the simple sliding doors on the wood cabinets over the dining table. The single 110v ac outlet was barely adequate but the butane powered wall lamps cast a warm and cozy light against the golden hue of the interior woodwork (see some great Shasta Interiors here). The classic Shasta canned-ham shape was changed to a more squared-off style, front and back, beginning with the 1965 models, but the much-loved Shasta Wings continued intact into the mid 1980’s. Whether it’s the Cozy Cruiser model from the early 1950’s, or the Compact, 16-SC, 16-SCS, 16-RK, Astrodome, Starflyte, Airflyte, 1400, 1500, 1900 or more modern Loflyte and Stratoflyte models, Shasta travel trailers remain one of the most popular family trailers on the road today.
Click Image to Enlarge it
Freshly Restored 1956 Shasta Travel Trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer, Mint Green and White
1956 Shasta Canned-Ham Trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer, Great Paint With Silver Stripe
Classic 1956 Shasta Trailer, Ready For Camping
1956 Shasta Trailer, Freshly Restored
Beautiful 1956 Shasta Travel Trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer, Ready For Camping
Custom Flowers Mural Hand-Painted on a 1954 Vintage Shasta Trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer, Custom Painted Propane Tanks
1959 Shasta Trailer Compact Model
1959 Shasta Trailer, Compact Model With Wings
Vintage 1959 Shasta Trailer, 2 tone Blue and White Paint
1959 Shasta Compact Trailer, With Front Jalousie Window
Popular 1959 Shasta Compact Trailer Travel Trailer
1959 Shasta Compact Trailer, Very Clean Restoration
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer in original yellow and white paint scheme
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, painted yellow and white
Early 1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, one of the first Shastas after the Cozy Cruiser models
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, first “Shasta” year
Rare 1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer in mostly unrestored original condition
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, rare canned ham
Picture of a 1954 Shasta 1400 vintage Travel Trailer, showing child's cot over the fold-out bed
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, child’s cot over bed
Rare all wood vintage dining table in a 1954 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, original dining table
Early 1954 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer with original gas stove and birch kitchen cabinets
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, vintage gas stove
Original 120v light fixture and stitched lamp shade in a vintage 1954 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, vintage 120v light fixture
Shellac finish and vintage cabinet latch on original birch kitchen cabinets in a 1954 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch door & original latch
Photo shows original chrome cabinet hinges on a kitchen cabinet door in a 1954 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch door & original hinges
Photo of rare original heat in ceiling of 1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, over the original propane wall lamp
1954 Shasta 1400 Trailer, orig gas lamp heat shield
Sharp 1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer painted bright blue and white
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, blue and white
Birch wood cabinets and paneling in 1956 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, birch cabinetry
Picture of dining area in 1956 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, dining area
Photo shows bedroom and ceiling hammock in 1956 Shasta 1400 Travel Trailer
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, bedroom area with hammock
Birch kitchen cabinets and stovck ceiling lamp fixture in 1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, kitchen cabinets
Bright 1956 Shasta 1400 Vintage Trailer ready for camping
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, ready for camping
1964 Shasta Trailer being towed by a 1955 Chevy Nomad Station Wagon
1964 Shasta Trailer and 1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon
1964 Shasta Trailer with red and creme white paint color scheme
1964 Shasta Trailer, painted red and creme-white
Vintage 1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer painted Necco wafer orange
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer, painted Necco wafer orange
Stunning Early Shasta Trailer paint bright yellow and white
Early Shasta Trailer, painted bright yellow & white
Sharp vintage Shasta Travel Trailer painted bright yellow and white
Beautiful yellow and white early Shasta Trailer
Photo of beautifully restored 1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer
1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer, beautiful restoration
Vintage 1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer painted light blue and white colors
1961 Shasta Astrodome trailer, painted light blue & white
Rare 1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer with Honda 90 Trail bike mounted on rear custom rack
1961 Shasta Astrodome Trailer & Honda-90 Trail Bike
Custom Flowers Mural Hand-Painted on a 1954 Vintage Shasta Trailer
1954 Shasta Trailer, Hand Painted Flowers and Shutters
Early 1955 Shasta Canned-Ham Trailer
1955 Shasta Trailer Camping at Refugio Beach, Calif.
Vintage 1955 Shasta Trailer, with yellow Kitchen Laminate
1955 Shasta Trailer Ice Box and Oven in Kitchen Area
Classic 1955 Shasta Trailer showing original entryway cabinet
1955 Shasta Trailer Original Corner Closet Cabinet
Vintage 1955 Shasta Travel trailer with Cabinet Over Kitchen Counter
1955 Shasta Trailer Kitchen Cupboard
Gas stove & oven unit in 1955 Shasta travel trailer
1955 Shasta Trailer Vintage Princess Gas Oven & Stove
Custom made birch screen door in vintage 1955 Shasta trailer
1955 Shasta Trailer New Wood Screen Door!
Classic Shasta magazine rack still hanging in 1955 Shasta Trailer
1955 Shasta Trailer Dining Area – Original Magazine Rack
Newly painted 1955 Shasta Trailer and restored Dodge Pickup Truck
1955 Shasta Trailer and
Vintage 1960 Dodge Pickup
Beautifully restored Vintage Shasta 1400 travel trailer in pastel orange
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
With Awning
Welcoming Dining area in 1956 Shasta model 1400 trailer
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
Dining Area
1956 Shasta trailer bedroom area at the end of the kitchen counter
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
Bedroom Area
Very sharp 1956 Shasta 14ft trailer at Pismo Beach Trailer Rally
1956 Shasta 1400 Trailer
at Pismo Rally
Blue and White vintage 1956 Shasta canned-ham trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer
painted blue and white
Very sharp 1956 Shasta Travel Trailer with vintage wide whitewall tires
1956 Shasta Trailer
Camping at Pismo
Gaucho bed setup as a couch in a 1960 Shasta Airflyte vintage trailer
1960 Shasta Airflyte
Gaucho bed folded up
Restored 1960 vintage Shasta Airflyte trailer has a beautiful orange and white paint job
1960 Shasta Airflyte
looks great in orange!
Full sized bed in vintage 1956 Shasta travel trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer,
Cozy Bedroom
Very nicely restored red and white 1956 vintage shasta trailer
1956 Shasta Trailer
Beach Camping
Old 1956 Shasta trailer nicely restored in 2 tone red and white paint scheme
1956 Shasta Trailer
at Pismo Rally
Very clean classic 1957 Shasta travel trailer in yellow and white
1957 Shasta Trailer Lemon Yellow With Awning
Great restoration of a classic 1957 Shasta trailer with red and white paint
1957 Shasta Trailer in Red and White
Sharp 1958 Shasta Airflyte vintage canned-ham trailer
1958 Shasta Airflyte Trailer in Blue and White
1958 Shasta Airflyte travel trailer with classic Shasta wings
1958 Shasta Airflyte Trailer With Side Canopy
1961 Shasta travel trailer at Mount Baker Rally in Lynden, Washington
1961 Shasta Trailer at Mt. Baker Trailer Rally
Classic 1962 Shasta 1500 travel trailer
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer in Turquoise & White
Vintage wood magazines rack mounted in 1962 Shasta model 1500 trailer
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Magazine Rack
1962 Shasta 1500 trailer dining area, new bench seats and curtains
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Dining Room Area
Original Gas Lamp Fixture in 1962 Shasta 1500 Vintage Trailer
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Gas Lamp
Cool Art Deco Light fixture in 1962 Shasta trailer kitchen area
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Original Art Deco Lamp
Vintage Holday Gas Stove/Oven Unit in 1962 Shasta 1500 trailer
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Vintage Holiday Gas Stove
Classic 1962 Shasta Travel Trailer Showing Shasta Logo and Dining Windows
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Front View
Beautiful Reproduction of Shasta Logo Decal on 1962 Shasta Travel Trailer
1962 Shasta 1500 Trailer Repro Shasta Decal
Cool Sunbrella Striped Awning on Dining Window of 1962 Shasta Trailer
1962 shasta 1500 Trailer at Pismo Beach
Vintage 1962 Shasta Trailer on party night, with lantern lights and awning
1962 Shasta Trailer at Night – Party Time!
Classic 1962 Shasta Airflyte Travel Trailer With Striped Side and Window Awnings
1962 Shasta Trailer With Window Awning
Vintage 1962 Shasta Travel Trailer Painted Creamy Pastel Yellow
1962 shasta Trailer Pastel Yellow and White
Inviting Dining Table and Seats in Classic 1962 Shasta Trailer
1962 Shasta Trailer Dining Room Area
Rear End Shot of 2-tone Yellow and White 1962 Shasta Trailer Coach
1962 Shasta Trailer Rear Shot, Nice Wings
Striped Bedspread in 1962 Shasta Travel Trailer Restored Bedroom Area
1962 Shasta Trailer Bedroom Area
Original Holiday Propane Oven/Stove in 1962 Vintage Shasta Trailer
1962 Shasta Trailer Kitchen Cabinets & Oven
1962 Shasta Trailer Coach With Retro Chrome Rear Tail-Light Visors!
1962 Shasta Trailer, Very Cool Tail Light Visors
1962 Shasta Trailer With Trademark Aluminum Shasta Wings on Backside
1962 Shasta Trailer wings Close up
Paint Removed From 1962 Vintage Shasta Airflyte Trailer: Huntington BeachCruisers Meet
1962 shasta Trailer Polished, at Huntington Beach, Calif.
Vintage 1963 Shasta 16-SCS Trailer Coach
1963 Shasta 16SCS Trailer Light Blue & White
Unique 1963 Shasta Back-Entry Travel Trailer in Salmon Pink and White
1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer in Salmon Pink
Kitch Counter Across Rear of Vintage 1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer
1963 Shasta Back-Entry Trailer Kitchen Area
Sleeping Area Above Dining Table in 1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer
1963 Shasta BackEntry Trailer, Dining Area With Bed Above
Front Shot of Rare Vintage 1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer
1963 Shasta Back Entry Trailer, Rare and Beautiful
Fully Restored 1963 Shasta Compact Trailer
1963 Shasta Compact Trailer in Turquoise and White
Turquoise & White 1963 Shasta Compact Trailer With Wonderful Ribbed Wings
1963 Shasta Compact Trailer With Great Wings
Restored Dining Area in Vintage Shasta Travel Trailer
Vintage Shasta Trailer Dining Table With Period Accessories
Sharp 1962 Shasta Trailer, Compact Model
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Great Shasta Wings!
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Wood Cabinets in Kitchen Area
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Oven and Fridge
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer Interior Detail Showing Dining Table
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Dining Area
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Green and White With Red Polka Dot Awning!
1962 Shasta Trailer, Compact Model in Green and White
Refinished Wood Cabinets in 1962 Shasta Compact Trailer Dining Area
1962 Shasta Compact Trailer, Wood Paneling and Cabinets
Original 1968 Shasta Loflyre Travel Trailer
1968 Shasta Trailer, Loflyte Model With Wings
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer in Great Unrestored Condition
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer, Large Dining Area
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer With Original Whitewashed Cabinets and Woodwork
1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer, Spacious Kitchen Area
Bright and fresh 1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer in yellow and white paint scheme
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, painted yellow and white
1969 Shasta Starflyte Travel Trailer with beautiful pink and white decorations in dining area
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, decorated dining area
Photo of stylish decorations and accessories in 1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer bedroom area
1969 Shasta Starflyte Trailer, stylish sleeping area