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Aero Flite

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Started in 1945 and only produced trailers for 4 years. Ended production in 1949.

Made by Aero Lines in Van Nuys, California

Aero Services was a company at the Metropolitan Airport in Van Nuys, California. They were a repair company for aircraft out of the airport and decided to start a travel trailer division. The first trailer was produced in December of 1945. Frederick C. Hoffman was the lead engineer who brought is aircraft engineering skills to the trailer trailer market. Fredrick also designed the Great Westerner which shared the extended rear window design that added height and better airflow. The company only produced approximately 120 trailers in the brief time they were in business and only a small number (25?) exist today.


  • 20-ft Lark (aka Model 101x)
  • 20-ft Falcon

Later models added ribbed side panels and eliminated the painted stripes on the body.


Unrestored Aero Flite
1947 Aero Flite
Classic 1947 Aero Flite Falcon Camper

1948 Aero Flite Falcon Travel Trailer

1947 Aero Flite