Holiday Rambler

Dream Home Fully Renovated Vintage Holiday Rambler with Beautiful Modern Interior

Holiday Rambler

Wakarusa, Indiana

1953- Present

Manufacturer History and Firsts

Holiday Ramblers are often overlooked as the vintage classics they truly are. The Holiday Rambler Company was founded by Richard Klingler in his home town of Wakarusa, ten miles south of Elkhart, Indiana, where he started building trailer parts in a chicken coop and assembling the trailers outdoors in the 1950s. The first Holiday Rambler recreational vehicle was a travel trailer introduced to the public in 1953 by the Klingler Corporation. A fully restored example is in the RV museum in Elkhart, Indiana Always an industry pioneer, Holiday Rambler was responsible for many firsts; built-in refrigerators, holding tanks, aerodynamic radius-ed corners and originated the 48-inch-wide dinette/bed concept. In 1961, Holiday Rambler’s introduction of aluminum body framing ushered in a new era of lighter, stronger and more durable recreational vehicles (RVs). This aluminum frame (Alumaframe) became the standard for lighter and stronger RVs for 40 years. As Holiday Rambler moved into motorhomes, they were the first with tag axles and the kitchen slide-out revolutionized “interior engineering” in the field. Holiday Rambler was sold to Harley-Davidson in 1986 and later in 1996 to the Monaco Coach Corporation where its future, then under Navistar International Corp., was difficult in 2010 as it was for most motorhome manufacturers. In May 2013, Holiday Rambler was sold by Navistar International Corp. to Allied Specialty Vehicles, reviving its luxury RV status it enjoys today. With such innovation and heritage, it is surprising the trailers are barely mentioned in vintage trailer circles. However a large and growing community of proud HR owners have created 2 group pages on facebook, sharing and collecting information. I am just a proud member, my 43 year old girl has beautiful lines and a solid riveted aluminum body and framing. In truth, I could do without the shag carpeting 😉 Many owners in our community, document revamps to a late 50s to 60s style where like all other vintage trailers, the interior aesthetic is representative of some of the best in function and beauty. And just as many are faithful to restoring the original vintage features for every year represented. As equally appreciated at our facebook group, are those who break with reno tradition and remake their interiors with creative and innovative solutions that compliment the Ramblin On! mantra and the owners unique vision of comfort and esthetics. . Feel free to take a browse at the Vintage Holiday Rambler Owners Group’s page. 1953 to 1989 trailers are collected here along with a document and knowledge base about models, layouts, repairs, parts and practical how to’s on many topics provided by our 1000 and growing membership. We do not discriminate between Holiday Rambler age or model for membership and have had requests for advice up to 1989 models, which being over a quater century old are included as vintage. Come on by to see the long lost cousin of the vintage trailer community, considered by some; The lost Heir to the throne of vintage trailer design and innovation, by those of us who know

Yes, I am trailer proud!

Years built

1953 through 1959 by Mr. Klinger but was continuously in production as Holiday Rambler still up to present day

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  • Ramblerette
  • Holiday Vacationer – 19ft
  • Holiday Trav’ler – 22 ft
  • Holiday Rambler – 15 ft, 17.5 ft
  • Royal Holiday

Holiday Ramblers from the mid-60s can be recognized by the quilted diamond band and the stamped emblem along their sides. The USA shaped logo and color-keyed stripe distinctively branded the models.


Vintage Holiday Rambler
1967 Holiday Rambler 21′ Vintage Travel Trailer
Dream Home Fully Renovated Vintage Holiday Rambler with Beautiful Modern Interior
Vintage Holiday Rambler
1968 Holiday Rambler 27′ Retro Campers
1963 Vintage Holiday Rambler
1969 vintage holiday rambler travel trailer
1973 Vintage Holiday Rambler “Vacationer”
Vintage Holiday Rambler

Vintage Camper Tour – 1965 Holiday Rambler


Some owners

Alexander Lae

Drew and Alicia Keller 1968 HR 27′ trailer

Kay Newman 1972 HR 31′ Holiday Rambler Trailer

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