Travel Industries Inc./ Bud Coons Mfg. Please note: The National Hot Rod Assn. archives for 1961 has an article about that years winner which lists one of the winner’s prizes as a “custom” Dreamer camper made by Bud Coons of Oswego, Kansas.

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Dreamer camper made by Travel Industries Inc.(Coons Manufacturing Inc.) This company was owned by Bud Coons, one of the members of the RV Hall of Fame and a pioneer in the RV buss. I Found ads for Dreamer truck campers by T.I.I. as early as 1964. Later in 1971 he advertised the Dreamer line featuring dual axle 19′ and 27′ trailers as well as truck campers and the Dreamline motorhome. The single axle small Dreamer campers are rare or at least i can’t find out much about them. I own a single axle 15′ with Fayette Dayton hubs and wheels stamped 3-1-69. If anybody has more info or interior pictures please add. Coons Mftrs. later became Diamond Coach Corp. and are still located in Oswego, Kansas

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Crossing the Tonto Creek, Arizona march 2014


1976-1978 I Worked for Dreamer Cambers they were built on 4 assembly lines three in City of Industry Los Angeles Calif, one line built the Motor home Version second line built the truck Camper and the third built the Travel Trailer. In Dallas Texas they had only one line they built only the motor home most of the time when California got behind the would build the truck camper also. I worked in the metal department and also helped install the roofs at both sites they were a great company to work for. Sad to see that the campers are disappearing from the roads. posted by <James L Tedford San Antonio Texas>

I just bought a 1970 pull behind single axle camper. I am trying to find any info or pictures. I am so super excited about it . I would post a picture but not sure how. Deanna Caswell Indiana

I own a 1969 (or so we believe) fifteen-foot Dreamer Adventurer 1. Here are two sales brochures for the Dreamer camper trailers for the Adventurer 1 and Adventurer 2 (17-foot model).

Vintage 1971 Travel Industries (Borg Warner) 12 foot
1969 Dreamer
Vintage Camping in a 1971 Dreamer