Forester Vintage Travel Trailer
Forester Vintage Travel Trailer



Company shut down before 1985. Not sure of exact date.

Manufacturer Information

FORESTER Campers were manufactured by FOREST CITY INDUSTRIES, located in Forest City, IA

FORESTER Camper Frames were mfg by BLOCK TRAILER CO..

The FORESTER 2“ tongue hitches were mfg by MARVEL CO.

Years built


How to tell the year of your trailer.

On the top of the hitch rail, numbers are stamped directly into the metal, possibly rusted/painted over. The first digit is the year, so if the first number is a “3”, then it was a 1963, etc. The last two digits indicate the model. If the last two digits were a “14” then it was a 14 foot unit. A 17T (T for toilet) would have “17T” at the end of the entire number. If the last digit is a “L” , this is a “Low” height model, such as the CUB models.

Other ways of dating your trailer.

Oftentimes the vin# cannot be read off of the hitch rail due to rust/paint ect & the date cannot be determined. You may have to date the trailer indirectly by dating the parts the trailer was made from. Marvel Co , mfg of the FORESTER hitches, dated the connecting tongue hitch directly by stamping the top with very small digits. These hitches were dated with the numeral equivalent of the month and year, “2-67” would be February – 1967. These dates only reflect when the hitch was made and not necessarily the date the camper was made, although most of the time the camper was made the same year as the hitch. The HYDRO-FLAME Furnace sometimes has a quality control inspection sticker that is dated. Remove furnace access panel, look inside using a flash light, check all parts and surfaces for these stickers. The HOLIDAY Stove/Oven, Range Hood, Icebox/Fridge, LP Lighting or the main Electric Fuse Box may also be dated or may have these types of inspection stickers.


Lengths Includes Tongue

  • ? Ft. KAYOTE
  • 14 L Ft. CUB
  • 14 Ft.
  • 15 L Ft. Low Model
  • 15 Ft.
  • 16 L Ft. Low Model
  • 16 Ft.
  • 17 L Ft. Low Model (Longest Lowline Model made by Forester)
  • 17 Ft.
  • 20 FT.
  • 23 FT.
  • 24 Ft.


Pre 1965 1/8” birchwood plywood walls. Pine framed birchwood cabinets, 1/8“ birchwood plywood ceilings. 1965- 1968 birch wood Veneer Paneling, Solid Wood Cabinet framing, Vinyl Board Ceilings with Cloth & faux Leather-Vinyl seats and curtains.

Standard Features

Aluminum Siding “Skin” w/ Baked Enamel Paint, Awning Track Rail

Front Booth Style Dinette, Hadco 300 Refrigerator, Holiday Range Stove/Oven, Sink, Humphrey Products Gas Light, Rear Goucho Sofabed, Foldaway Framed bunks or Canvas Sling beds overhead the Goucho or over the dinette.HydroFlame Furnace, overhead vent, 12volt DC lighting & 110AC lighting/outlets, 3/4” Water connector “City Water hook-up” supplies a standard Cold Water Faucet & Clean Water Tank supplies a Hand-pump Style Faucet. Additional Fold-out end/side tables.

Storage includes a Large Full Length Closet w/removable shelving, Cabinetry Overhead & Under Countertop, “Chest-top” or “Trunk Style” dinette seats/booths with side access panel. Large storage area under Goucho w/multiple ways to access including an exterior panel. Built-in magazine/book rack.

Unique features/Options

Early Forester travel trailers (1959-1968)kept the classic canned ham shape. They are one of the last small trailer manufacturers to keep this classic shape through the 60’s.

Vintage Forester Trailers


1967 Price was $1,306 plus tax.


Forester Vintage Travel Trailer
Forester Vintage Travel Trailer
1959 Forester Vintage Travel Trailer
1959 Forester Vintage Travel Trailer
1964 Forester Antique 13ft Travel Trailer Canned Ham camper Remarkable Condition
1964 Forester Antique 13ft Travel Trailer Canned Ham camper Remarkable Condition
1964 forester 14' camper trailer
1964 forester 14′ camper trailer
1967 Forester Travel Trailer Vintage Camper
1967 Forester Travel Trailer Vintage Camper
Forester Travel Trailer Decal_g15it73
Forester Travel Trailer Decal


1961 Forester 24ft
1961 Forester 24ft

1976 Forester Kayot 24′ Camper 1578

1976 Forester
1976 Forester

Some owners

Rob and Theresa Alkema, Muskegon, MI 1967 Cub 14ft

Rein & Bea, Santa Clarita, CA. “Tin Lizzie” 1969 Forester,

Frank & January, Port Richey, Fl.

Rocky and Sharon Kraiger Galesburg, MI.

Scott and Kathy Hunt Knoxville, Iowa

Doug Caster, Blue Springs Missouri

Julie Schneblin, Redlands, California

Mike and Kim Siedow, Rosemount, Mn.

Colleen Carter, Lake Elmo, MN. “1968 Forester”

Kenneth & J Brown Crown Point,Indiana “1971” 15ft

Dennis Collier, Missouri Valley, IA ’59 Forester

Dave Cooper, Kissimmee, FL ’59 Forester (

Michael & Stacie Anderson, Elwood, Indiana 1968 Forest

Phelan/Roth Family, Arnold, MO “1967” Forester CUB 14ft

Shawn and Michelle Sundquist, Yuma AZ ’68 Forester 15 ft

Denise Bax, Jefferson City, Missouri 1968 Forester Cub 14ft.

Forester Tag Along Campers.

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