Rod and Reel

Rod and Reel

Rod and Reel Vintage Trailers by Macoma Engineering Inc.

Manufacturer Information

Macoma Engineering Inc.

The ad for the 1955 Sportsmen’s show in Los Angeles said that a Rod and Reel trailer was “just what you’ve been asking for – short enough, compact enough to track well at all speeds and road conditions, yet carries all the features of larger bulkier trailer.” The line debuted a 26ft model at the show and soon added 8 and 10 foot wide mobile home models.

I don’t know much. I found this picture. Look at the paint. This could be a clue.

Then I found this.

Years built

Early to late 50’s ? I have seen a 1959 Rod and Reel.



Standard Features

Great interior layout with classic appliances.


1953 Rod and Reel brand. 16 ft. To hitch.
Rod And Reel trailers
1955 Rod & Reel 18′ Trailer
1954 Rod and Reel Trailer
1955 Rod & Reel Vintage Trailer

Some owners

Mikey’s Porch -Salt Lake City, Utah

Marsha Horry & Toby Figueroa, Huntington Beach, CA