Kozy Coach

Vintage 1930'S Kozy Coach Travel Trailer Emblem

Kozy Coach

Vintage 1930’S Kozy Coach Travel Trailer Emblem
Vintage 1930’S Kozy Coach Travel Trailer Emblem


From the late 1920’s to the onset of World War II, one segment of the transportation world that was growing, despite economic woes, was the travel trailer industry. A leader in this growing world was Kozy Coach located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their advertising was effective in telling prospective buyers that “You’re Ahead with a Kozy Coach Behind”, or “Favorite of the Road-Wise”. They started with a welded steel chassis that was said to prevent sagging, side-sway, and assure quiet operation and perfect alignment. In 1937 three models were offered, the Junior, e Standard, and the Deluxe which offered all the comforts of a home away from home. Kozy Coaches were among the best trailers on the market and survived well into the 1950’s.

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Couple with Kozy Coach trailer
Photo of amazing woodwork and fixtures in rare 1938 Kozy Coach Trailer
Detail photo of beautiful wood paneling and ceiling in 1938 Kozy Coach Trailer
1941 Kozy Coach Travel Trailer
Kozy Vintage Trailers | 1938 Kozy Coach
1939 Kozy Coach Trailer Brochure