Manufacturer Information

Birtle Manufacturing Company located on 1831 Chico Boulevard in El Monte, California USA

Produced from 1954-1959

These cool little trailers had a great line up of ad slogans like: ‘Ask the man who TOWS one,’ ‘You see them everywhere,’ ‘We invite your companion for dollar-for-dollar value’ and ‘Skip the highways—travel the byways.’

In the late 1950’s Mercury offered the 15 ft. standard, 15 ft. deluxe and 18 ft. deluxe models.  Here’s how one brochure described the units: ”Features of this small trailer include a four-burner cooking plate, a separate built-on oven, louver windows, a full 52” width bed, a butane light and tank, a water tank, and quality construction throughout. Trailer companies are quick to take the newest innovations in design and incorporate them into their models. This Mercury is a self-contained unit.”

Mercury was the only trailer made using Henry Ford’s assembly line practices.


Mercury Ad:


1959 Article

1956 Mercury:

A vintage Mercury travel trailer spotted on a side street in Nelson, B.C

1954 Mercury
Vintage 1958 Mercury Travel Trailer
Vintage 1956 Mercury camper trailer

1957 Mercury Vintage Travel Trailer
1956 Mercury Trailer Canned Ham

Some owners

I found my Mercury in behind an old hunters cabin in NY. I towed it to Gary Mitchell in Honesdale ,pa who restored it to mint condition in his barn. John…Woodstock,NY