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Bellwood Trailer Coach – Phoenix, Arizonia / Aloha, Oregon

The bellwood trailer is almost an exact replica of the Aloha Model 13. Surprise, both trailers were build in Aloha, Oregon. We believe that both brands were made by Aloha trailers based on the same tags that were on both trailer.

Bellwood logo

Manufactured in Oregon

I have looked at a 1953 Bellwood manufacturers tag that reads BELLWOOD TRAILER COACH, mfg. by Evanson Trailer, Artesia, CA Tag is w/o bell logo

I have looked at a 1954 Bellwood manufacturers tag that reads BELLWOOD TRAILER COACH, Aloha, ORE Tag has a bell logo


1954 Bellwood

1949 Bellwood – restored by David & Julie Felver in Beaufort SC visit

Bellwood Camper

Vintage 1955 Bellwood Trailer

Look what showed up at my house! This is a 1955 Bellwood, a trailer of my dreams! I spotted on like this one in Kentucky awhile back sitting in front of someone’s house. Of course I had to stop and check it out. The gentleman came out and told me that it wasn’t for sale but encouraged me to go take a look inside. It was love at first sight! Ever since then I told myself if I came across a vintage Bellwood camper, I would buy it.

As luck would have it an ad came up for one for sale in Arizona. I think I actually started hyperventilating when I saw it. I just knew I had to have it! But how to get it home? Do I break my own rule and buy it sight unseen just based on photos? It’s a scary prospect and one I don’t recommend but after talking with the seller and receiving more photos I decided to take a leap of faith. I lined up a company to transport it, sent a bank check for the trailer and it was a done deal.

Here is a video of the trailer arriving on the flat bed. I sped it up because I’m sure you all don’t want to sit through 45 minutes of video. But this will show you how they unloaded it. Trust me when I say that while I was filming this I think I had about 3 mini heart attacks. It was stressful watching it come off the flatbed. The only mishap is that at some point during her transport the roof vent got torn off. So it was completely gone when she arrived. So she currently has a sunroof. But we hope to get that replaced and repaired asap.

This trailer is 11 feet long from the front to her rear. If you count the bumper then she is 12 feet. Over all from tongue to rear bumper she is 14 feet. She is in wonderful condition with original interior, original floors, etc., I believe that living her life in the dry Arizona climate had a lot to do with how well she was preserved. Granted she does have a bit of minor water staining under the front and rear window but nothing that isn’t repairable. In fact, I’m not going to mess with any of that until next year.

Here are her photos.

I normally am not  a huge fan of rear bumpers but I actually really like hers. It’s made from a chrome 1955 Ford truck bumper.  I plan on repainting her wheels white.

The original seats I will eventually either recover or make slip covers. I just realized if you look closely through the front window you can see my daughter riding her bike (:

Love the wood in this! It has a double bed in the back and a canvas bunk. The red curtains will go.

Her darling wee kitchen. The icebox, stove and sink are almost flawless.

Original floors. This floor is almost flawless as well. It’s truly in amazing condition.

That’s all for now. I’m currently working on some unique curtains for her and I’ll show you all those when I’m done. I also started to polish her exterior. That is a long process but I believe she is going to shine up like a new penny. We have decided to name her Jelly Bean. I hope you like her!


Some owners

felver David and Julie Felver Beufort SC

Sharlene McCaslin Payette ID

Clubs/Links Bellwood’s originally had a stenciled logo on the front and rear this was painstakingly reproduced from old photos, and a original that was traced then recreated in vinyl.