Vintage Camper 1947 Lintzcraft



LintzCraft Trailer Manufacturing Company – Grand Ledge, MI

According to the Grand Ledge, Michigan Historical Society, Lintzcraft Trailer Manufacturing was in business in Grand Ledge from the late 1940s until the mid-1960s. They manufactured the trailers in Flint, Michigan. City directories list the business through 1963. There is a gap in their collection of directories after 1963, but the business is no longer listed in the 1968 directory. The owners of the business were Clarence and Thelma Lintz.

The Lintz’s venture was one of hundreds of post-war companies that briefly popped up on the radar of aluminum travel trailer manufacturers. This is why there are so many different brands out there with only a few models showing up from time to time. They’re not necessarily considered rare individually because they are just so many out there of a similar kind. But to those who love them, they are cherished and babied.


  • Sportsking
  • Travelking
  • Resorter
  • Deluxe
  • Admiral
  • Mansion
  • Homemaker
  • Hanover
Advertisement from February, 1949, introducing the new L15-15′ model
Advertisement from April, 1952, the 15′ model is no longer shown
1955 model specs
Advertisement from 1955
Advertisement from October, 1955
Advertisement from November, 1955
Advertisement from December, 1955
1947 Lintzcraft Vintage camper
Vintage Camper 1947 Lintzcraft
1948 LintzCraft travel trailer