Main-Line Travel Coach Co.

Main-Line Trailer Coach Co.

Manufacturer Information

8825 Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Years built



  • Silver Loafer (10 ft body)
  • Silver Lark (14 ft body)
  • Silver Lodger (16 ft body)
  • Silver Liner (19 ft body)

Interiors- Wood Interior

Standard Features- Dining area, kitchen, bed & Closet

Prices – $1395 new

Some owners

My grandfather manufactured trailers in Sacramento from 1929 to 1954, before my Dad & uncle took over…and yes…he was a dealer for Mainline Trailers… – Mike Derdowski 

1947 Main-Line Silver Lark – Heather Scholten, Cheney WA

1947 Main-Line Silver Lark – Christina Sjogren, Royal Oak, MI

1947 Main-Line Silver Lark – Mick and Mary Gaworecki, Nashville, TN.

1948 Main-Line Silver Lark – Salle Smith, Portland, OR

1949 Main-Line Silver Loafer – Janine Morales, Los Alamos, NM.


1947 Main-Line Silver Lark Travel Trailer
1947 Main-Line Silver Lark Travel Trailer
1947 Print Ad Main-Line Travel Trailer Coach Los Angeles,CA