S​ab​ego Lake Event Cancelled

Due to low initial registration and the high costs involved in hosting an event at S​ab​ego Lake,  I have been forced to rethink the project and have concluded that cancellation is the best course for 2016.  I will direct my efforts at finding a suitable commercial campground for 2017. If you have suggestions on a commercial campground, you love, in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine send your suggestion to Bob Kilpatrick at  killerbob53@gmail.com
If you made a reservation at S​ab​ego send Forrest Bone a scan of your reservation and he will work on a refund of the cancellation fee  tincantourists@gmail.com

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  1. New to small campers. I just rebuilt a 2008 Burro 13′. Just started to loo for some easct coast rallys. I’m open to the 2017 event. I have always used State parks and can not help you with commercial camp grounds. HOWEVER…. NYS has been putting a lot of money into their Parks ! Brand new restrooms/showers in many parks. Look at Thatcher State Park 1/2 hour from Albany. I am going to a NEW STATE PARK which was recentlt BUILT! It is right on the Hudson River. I will be there in 2-3 weeks. I can send you pictures of some of the new facilities. People can book their on sites on “RESERVE AMERICA” I would like to hep so let me know what I can do for you! I will be in Norwich NY in a couple of weeks for the 2r4th annual Chinango Blues Festaval. It is held in a county fair ground. One side is for the music and the second side is for “first come , first served ” camping, lots of room Music is $25,,00 PP for weekend and camping fee is $45.00 pp. check out their website! I don,t care we camp…it would be nice to camp with other enthuisist. Best Regards, Bill Java…..billjava7@gmail.com 860-916-7628

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