Vintage Camping Gear Give Away

If you’re interested in winning one of the items below from Vintage Camp Gear – please fill out the following form and 2 winners will be drawn on Sunday March 27th. TCT Membership will be verified.

Vintage Camping Gear Starter Set

Here’s a fast way to get your vintage trailer or motor coach decked out with Vintage Camping Gear “stuff.” The set includes all of this:

  • A Handcrafted Round Camper’s Cutting Board
  • An “Over Easy Rider” Oven Mitt
  • Two “Just Go” Campfire Mugs

Chop and mince vegetables on the beautiful Cutting Board and protect your countertop and table. The board is approx. 3/4″ thick x 7-1/2″ diameter. It’s made in Southwest Michigan from specially selected, locally sourced cherry wood.

The “Over Easy Rider” Oven Mitt will brighten things up while protecting your hands in the kitchen or around the campfire. It’s handcrafted with 100% cotton cover, grosgrain ribbon loop, and double insulated with Insulbrite® heat-resistant batting.

And your first cup of hot morning coffee or tea will taste even better from a Just Go Campfire Mug. These mugs are also perfect for a hot chocolate on a frosty evening around the campfire. A pair of mugs are included in the set.

Vintage Trailer-Shaped Cutting Board
Vintage Camping Gear offers these beautiful, handcrafted cherry cutting boards in several iconic trailer shapes: Airstream Bambi, Canned Ham, Go Tag Along, Serro Scotty Gaucho and Hilander, Shasta and Teardrop.
If you win the raffle and your vintage trailer or motor coach isn’t listed above, VCG will be happy to create a one-of-a-kind cutting board in the shape of your camper for you! You’ll just provide a full side-view photo of your trailer/motor coach, and you’ll receive a gorgeous cherry board, approx. 3/4″ x 10″ w x 7-1/2″ h.

Vintage Camping Gear is a Michigan-based online store featuring beautiful products designed for camping enthusiasts and owners of vintage/new trailers and other RVs.
Items include handcrafted vintage trailer-shaped wood cutting boards, including Canned Hams, Teardrops, Airstreams, Go Tag Alongs, Serro Scotties, Shastas, etc. They’ll even make you a custom, one-of-a-kind cherry cutting board from a photo of your trailer!
Other products include camping gear starter sets, wood coasters, oven mitts (including styles like Over-Easy Rider and Psychedelic Road Trip), mugs, koozies, howlers, hats, t-shirts and more. They all make great gifts for your favorite vintage trailer enthusiast.
Be sure to check out today; join their E-Mail Club and get 15% off your first order! 

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