The Tin Can Tourist 2016-2017 Calendar

The Tin Can Tourist 2016-2017 Calendar,
“Home Sweet Home Away From Home” update.
Once again it was another year of difficult choices regarding all the excellent photos that were submitted for the ever popular Tin Can Tourist calendar.  Choices were based on photo quality and resolution, composition and setting.  The other factor that is different each year is that the calendar project attempts to reflect the incredible diversity of the club.  That sometimes means that really great photos do not get used because we would have six months of the same brand of trailer.  If your photo was not used please consider re-submitting next year.  I know it takes effort to send those photos in and the membership appreciates it.  Last years calendar sold out in record time.  This years calendar makes its grand debut at the Spring Gathering in Milford Michigan.
The following members were included in this years calendar.
Shawn and George Stewart
Gil and Roxy Wagner
Bill and Melanie Sifritt
Paul Wadell
John Rese
Robin  McMillan
Jerry Wilart and Gerry Merrit
Miles Boyer
Grant Didlick
Shelley Wetherbee
Steve Collins
Kimberly Curry
Jan Mitzel
And what were the rigs they submitted…?
Hey, we have to have a little bit of suspense, don’t we?
See you down the road,  Michael Lambert

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