2017 PCB TCT Rally UPDATE:

Unfortunately St Andrews State Park will NOT hold sites for our group. Unless we move our rally between Thanksgiving and the first of February which we will not do! So it looks as if we will have to book just like we have in the past and fight for spots with the general public. It is too late to find another park at this time as we have to schedule at least a year in advance. Here is the process many of us used last year:

FL State Parks only allow you to book 11 months in advance, and 11 …months to the day you can book an additional 2 weeks, so….. Some of us are booking two solid weeks in order to book the farthest in advance to secure the actual dates we want.

For Example, our official rally dates are April 27th-30th 2017 and I want to camp for a full week of April 25-May 2nd

I will just booked TODAY (May 18th 2016) for a full two weeks that include those dates (April 18th-May 2nd 2017)


Once a few weeks pass by I will then be able to cancel the extra week for about a $14~ Fee……Otherwise I would have to wait another full week and take the chance that more spots will be reserved for a full two weeks and sell out. This park does sell out that fast!

In the mean time I will start working on the 2018 FL Spring Rally and see if I can find another State Park near by that can hold all of us!

Once you make your RSVP for the PCB 2017 Rally, Please send me an email to HeintzDesigns@aol.com with:

Any Guest(s):
Year/Make/Model of trailer:
Email address:
Site Number you reserved:
as well as your date of arrival to the park:

We may not have an open house to the public next year, but rather a ‘closed’ open house which we have done at other rallies where all our members walk around to see each others trailers together.

Please forward this email to anyone else you may know that is interested in this rally. Also if you book a RSVP and you are unable to attend the rally please contact me first so I can notify the next person on the waiting list that will pay you for your spot!

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