Thetford ‘Smart Tote 2 LX’ 27-gallon model portable holding tanks giveaway

Rollin’ On TV together with our sponsors at Thetford are giving away not just one, but eight ‘Smart Tote 2 LX’ 27-gallon model portable holding tanks. You read correctly, eight, one each week for eight weeks starting the week of July 24th, 2016. That means you have eight chances to win with just one entry.


Portable holding tanks have been around for years, and basically without any changes or improvements. Well, Thetford’s sophisticated, new ‘Smart Tote 2 LX’ has changed virtually everything you thought you knew and disliked about portable holding tanks and will make this unpopular job a lot more pleasant. If you missed the TV segment Jeff Johnston did on the show about the ‘Smart Tote 2 LX’ and how it works, you can watch it right here by clicking on the video link below. I’ll bet once you see the video, you’ll be saying, “I would sure like to have one of them”….. and now you can, for free!

Go here to enter:

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