2017 “Happy Campers Calendar”

My Name is Glenda Palmer; I live in the beautiful City of Temecula, California and I’m a member of the Temecula Valley Art League. Growing up, my siblings and I camped out quite a bit, we camped in Crestline, Big Bear, Colorado River, beaches, even the Salton Sea. One of my sisters owns a 1957 (Canned Ham) Field & Stream Trailer and we still enjoy taking it camping. So, last January I started 3 paintings featuring Vintage Trailers Camping and then when I heard it was the Centennial for the “National Park Services” I decided to paint the Vintage Trailers Camping in our National Parks. It was also then that I decided to paint 12 different Trailers Camping in 12 different National Parks, plus one for the Front Cover to make a 2017 “Happy Campers” Calendar. We have 59 main National Parks and over 350 more sites in the United States that are maintained by our National Parks Services. Each of the 59 National Parks is listed on the Calendar on the day, and the year and it was established. The Calendar also lets you know which state each of them is in.

Mt. Rushmore Virgin Island National Park Yosemite National Park Great Smokey Mountains flat Sequoia National Park Glacier National Park 2 Joshua Tree National Park Arches National Park Grand Teton National Park Monument Valley

100 years ago, on August 25th, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill creating the National Parks System and said it was “to conserve the scenery and natural and historical objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations”. It takes over 20,000 employees and almost $3 billion a year to maintain our parks.

I would like to donate a portion of the Calendar sales to the National Parks Services as an incentive for people to buy the it, also available are prints, giclees, mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc. Celebrate 100 years of the “National Park Service” and help Support our National Parks! Order your 2017 “Happy Campers Calendar” today.

To order:…go www.happycamperscalendar.com ….Thank you, Glenda Palmer

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