Whitehall (Ohio) Historical Society looking for a trailer to display

I am the president of the Whitehall (Ohio) Historical Society just outside of Columbus.  On Saturday, Sept. 24, we are hosting an antiques and art show.  Part of what we are offering to our guests is a collection of vintage vehicles for everyone to enjoy.   I am seeking people in central Ohio who might have vintage RV’s, campers, or trailers who might be interested in setting up at the event.
It is an informal gathering….not a car show, so there are no entry fees or anything like that.  We’re just lining up folks who have interesting vehicles who want to share them with the public.  I have had a vintage RV/camper on my radar for the show, but have not had any luck with finding someone in the area who owns one.  Vehicles don’t need to be fully restored trophy winners either…projects in-progress are just as welcome!
I am hoping that your organization might be able to point me to someone in the area who might be interested in participating.   Or, that you might put out word on your website and/or social media feeds.
The specifics for the show are:
Eastside Vintage Marketplace
A mid-century/vintage/retro themed antique show in Whitehall, Ohio
Saturday, September 24, 10-4
Location:  Whitehall Community Park, 400 N. Hamilton Road, Whitehall, Ohio  43213
Contact information is below
William Flood
President, Whitehall Historical Society


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