Meet Sylvia and Larry Bell

Sylvia and I noticed a little Airstream trailer for sale in Chatham Ontario, close to where we lived. I mentioned to her that I heard that they were a well made trailer and that perhaps we should consider camping to replace our boating lifestyle. We contacted the owner and two days later towed home our 1965 Caravel.

Our interest increased to the point of visiting the factory in Jackson Centre Ohio. While there we also visited the WBCCI headquarters and signed up as Ontario Unit members.

We read, in the Vintage Airstream Club magazine, about a VA gathering in Camp Dearborn Michigan, two hours from our home. Our 65 was not refurbished, and definitely not showable, so we left it home and drove to Milford. We were directed to the hilltop where there was a small gathering of Airstreams.

Bud and Betty Cooper welcomed us and introduced us to Forrest and Jeri Bone, Ken and Petey Faber and others I can’t recall. The trailers were not all show quality. In fact one; later known as Mrs Smith, was almost black. A polishing crew had demo equipment set up and did a mirror finish on about three square feet of her as we watched…..with amazement.

The next spring of 1998, Sylvia and I were married and honeymooned in Myrtle Beach missing the charter gathering of TCT. We have attended every Spring Annual gathering and most fall and winter gatherings thereafter. Unfortunately we had to miss this spring.

Through the years, we have met so many knowledgable and interesting friends. We feel very fortunate to have found TCT and thoroughly enjoy the fun and fellowship with this dedicated group.

Sylvia & Larry Bell

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