Terry Bison Ranch Rally, Cheyenne WY. 2017



Early arrivals were treated to a Wyoming wind that did a dance with few awnings for a falp, but no damage. 18 trailers showed up to make  great crowd of repeats  folks and a few new ones. Pot luck was served on the bed of Sarah McReynolds’ Texas ranch flat bed truck;with table cloth.of course.Mid morning Saturday the antique tractor guys showed up with 12 classic tractors and a couple of “odd” ones. Dan Tulenko (Tank)  serenaded the RV park in a tractor with dual steering wheels,dual seat,a “rumble seat”,attached two seater ,while playing his accordion. We had a good show up of visitors,two which are going to start work on the ‘raw’ trailers they have.

Saturday was perfect weather,with a great view of the buffalo herd.The ranch delivered buffalo BBQ sandwiches and side dishes early evening using Sarah’s truck as the serving table. Great dinner by the lack of hardly any left overs.Afterwards,we discussed next years rally, not changing anything, but hoping we can get some more to attend.We all sat around after dinner and solved all the problems of the world and turned in for the nite.

Sunday was the usual pack up with most of us being casual.The Ranch and it’s staff were made sure our stay was the best and look forward to having us next year. Miss “M” and took off to our favorite place, the Fish&Fry RV park South of Deadwood S.D., because they have two vintage trailers themselves and make our stay something to look forward to.

A.Watt (Orbie) Mungall
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Retired (now a “crusty”) Doodlebugger 1978-2008
“There is not a problem that dynamite will not fix quick.”


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