Stolen Trailer Alert from Oklahoma City

This trailer was stolen (along with $50k in equipment) from a business in Oklahoma City over Christmas weekend. If you see it, please contact OKCPD @ 405-297-1123.

Let’s help catch these Grinches and put them away. Please Copy & Paste the link. Thanks.

UPDATE #1: from John Hiser –  I’ve been in contact with the owner of the trailer. She found out that Oklahoma is #2 in the nation for stolen trailers. South Carolina leads the way. She has been in contact with this organization that lobbies for victims of trailer theft. Y’all may want to check it out.

UPDATE #2 (FINAL):  from John Hiser  – I just heard from the owner. The trailer was found here in OKC. It was stripped and left behind an industrial building. I can kind of understand someone stealing a trailer (I don’t condone it by any means), but trashing it is beyond my understanding. She wanted me to thank all of you for spreading the word. Now she needs good thoughts while they rebuild it. I want to thank you all as well.

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