Centennial Celebration Caravan Revised Edition

Due to some management and policy changes at Koreshan, we have decided to alter the structure of the November 2019 Caravan. Attached is the revised tentative schedule. The time frame is not tentative, a few of the activities are tentative pending final arrangements.
The prices I have been given at both locations are $30 per night. All sites are full hookup and catering of meals at $15 per person for dinners and $8 per person for breakfast.
To reserve a place on the Caravan, send the contact information at the bottom of the tentative schedule along with a placeholder check for $100.
The Caravan is open to all TCT members regardless of the year of the camper.
If you have any questions or require additional information, let me know via email (tincantourists@gmail.com) or phone (941.302.2415)

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