Terry Bison Ranch 2019

We started the rally in Cheyenne Wy. with the normal Spring weather, first were big drop rain to be followed by sleet and finished up with some hail. Everyone huddled in our trailers for about one hour waiting for it to pass. Afterwards, we all came out like ants with a kicked over ant hill. Didn’t take us long to get set up and get ready for Saturday. Sarah McReylonds from mid Texas returned again with a full blown lunch for our antique tractor gang. We were out numbered by the tractors and had a great time with a free raffle to hand out gifts to all the tractor folks. Due to severe weather warnings the tractors left early for safety about 2:00 pm. We spent the afternoon prepping our dinner later on. Early evening we had the best BBQ chicken dinner with side dishes all put together by Sarah. Later that evening a lot of us went to an estate sale barn to look for goodies to return around midnight with a treasure load. Sunday was our breakfast visit and pack up and goodbyes .We had a small show up but a way big time with buffalo in the background. Thanks to all that came and made it great.

A.Watt (Orbie) Mungall
435-730-3840; I Phone
Retired (now a “crusty”) Doodlebugger 1978-2008
“There is not a problem that dynamite will not fix quick.”

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