The 1st 100 Years – Video Edition

2019 is a significant milestone for the club as we celebrate the centennial anniversary and it was because of our member’s support that allowed us to get this far.

Although we are proud of the trailers our members bring back to life, we take the most pride in the people that make the club the best vintage trailer club in the world. We are grateful to celebrate the centennial anniversary with you as a member.    

During the Centennial Celebrations this year, we have shown the video produced by Hall of Fame member Hunt Jones. Over the years Hunt has produced and presented ten PowerPoint presentations including: 

  • Are We There Yet? America’s Offbeat Roadside Attractions
  • The Lincoln Highway: America’s Main Street
  • Home Away From Home: Where Americans Overnighted

As we approached the Centennial Forrest Bone gave Hunt the material he had accumulated on TCT history. Hunt took the material and did a deep dive, thoroughly tracing TCT’s roots, growth, demise, and renewal. 

The YouTube link to his presentation is:

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