Chris Murphy – a Florida TCT Member and great guy is involved in raising funds for Bahamas disaster relief.

So in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamian people are in our thoughts and prayers. And we’re rolling up our sleeves to help our friends, and inviting our TCT Members to join us.

Here is the link to RCCL’s efforts:

Air Unlimited, which serves the area most affected is collecting goods and taking donations for fuel, etc….  Chris is also working with them through his church:[0]=68.ARBel_S7-9uwW4IWwT5sowym-5EuEcmJr2cSSCBfcC_tqdGPwQbofr_wCU-o2zPMn5VJHLl36Wzt2bKmoObMIS5HCjjdiPDNSdEzjgrk4H0FvXUUETdFSBKdD5gz93ZYxVROWBhiuwPlw2wteZdJKb72M3mrgIs6Yqzj5LUT4YKgVtXy6CWb_Iy_7S7igbjh0MECI8iAp5PzgR77UAxMneTHHys4uJ4mruLZc-S9FlJDQLLHKt83uSsUSeJVfEVzo5x1emrdDBiQL1CIwvXT-pgU0hIJICSSTZj-3GcrlROat-_5zTy5C7k_7aZwRaVWHn6_Iz_7I90gU3PXPbGozxy842IOvoljdA&__tn__=-R

From TCT Member – Bob Cowgill:

If someone has any money to contribute to the Bahamas relief effort, consider donating directly to Mercy Chefs. They are on the ground right now, having taken three water purification units down, but need three more at a cost of $13,000 each. Plus, they are setting up a kitchen to supply chef prepared meals to all who are in need. These folks are the real deal and show up at EVERY disaster in the U.S., and now the Bahamas. They have NO regular support, but rely on their donors to step up each time they deploy. They were one of the VERY few groups to do ANYTHING for the Florida panhandle which was being conveniently ignored by FEMA. Please consider sending any available funds to them RIGHT NOW. They can accept PayPal as well as credit card donations. I believe their web address is I have no affiliation with this group other than being a donor.

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