How to Use Your Vintage Trailer to Become a Digital Nomad

With the current global pandemic, many people have shifted to a work-from-home lifestyle, and some may never go back to an office environment. Luckily, people have displayed an effective way to work remotely full-time. Being a digital nomad has become popular in recent years due to the freedom that it offers and the ability to travel the globe. Vintage trailers offer an easy option for people to take their life on the road and live as a digital nomad, while still enjoying some of the creature comforts of a home. This article will offer tips on how to use your vintage trailer to begin life as a digital nomad.

What is a digital nomad?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of workers have begun working from home, but that does not necessarily make them digital nomads. A digital nomad is somebody who has chosen to work remotely, while simultaneously traveling to different locations around the world. The freedom of not being tied to one location is one of the main benefits of being a digital nomad. Another is that how often you decide to move from place to place is completely up to you!

Oftentimes, digital nomads may freelance or run their own businesses, giving them the ultimate freedom to make their own decisions. However, even with a traditional career you may still be able to pull off this lifestyle. As long as you are still a productive employee, you may be able to request approval from your company to work remotely full-time and change locations as you please.

Pros and cons

Becoming a digital nomad is certainly not for everyone, but those who choose to do so see a lot of benefit in the lifestyle change. Carefully considering the pros and cons may help you decide if the switch is right for you.


  • The freedom to come and go as you please. Digital nomads aren’t chained down to the same location.
  • Traveling around the country or globe. If you have a zest for travel, becoming a digital nomad may help you see more of the world than you normally would taking that one vacation per year.
  • Meeting new people. Living and traveling in various places helps you to meet more people. If you’re sociable and love making new friends all around the world, this is a major benefit.
  • Saving money. If you choose to live in a vintage trailer, you can save a lot of money on traditional housing costs and bills.


  • Time management. As a digital nomad, you must be able to properly schedule time during the day to work, and factor in travel plans as well. If you struggle with time management, this may be tough.
  • Loneliness. Even though you may meet new people, you may also miss family and friends from back home.
  • Missing a home. You may miss your “hometown” for various reasons, but you may also miss the comforts of an actual home structure as well. Becoming a digital nomad is all about your comfortability with living life on the move.

How to outfit your vintage trailer

Once you’ve decided that you want to become a digital nomad and hit the road in your vintage trailer, you may need to outfit your amenities for long-term travel and living. As a remote employee, one of the most important things you’ll need to do your job is a stable internet connection. Oftentimes, digital nomads like to work from coffee shops and libraries, but you may not always have that chance. If you’d like to work out of your vintage trailer, you should consider buying a mobile hot-spot. This way you can find a stable internet connection wherever you go.

If you tend to use your laptop a lot for work, you may also consider getting an external hard drive. This will allow you extra storage for documents, as well as a place to store any travel photos you may take while exploring!

And finally, it’s likely that you will need to bring more everyday items on the road with you in order to live long-term. Cleaning supplies, clothing, shoes, and various personal belongings all take up space. Utilizing packing cubes can help you keep everything organized, while also saving you space at the same time.

Living life on the road long-term

There are some challenges to living life on the road without a permanent address, but it’s nothing too difficult to handle. One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is how to manage your finances. If you’re dead set on keeping your existing bank account, you’ll want to make yourself aware of their ATM network and keep a map on hand. However, if you’re open to making a switch, a completely digital banking solution can help you access your funds wherever you are, all from a smartphone app.

Another issue that digital nomads may run into is how they receive mail. If you’re moving around from place to place often, it can be a hassle to constantly adjust your mailing address. Luckily, there are virtual mailing platforms that are specifically designed for digital nomads. With these services you can get all of your mail sent to you in an email, scanned as a document and viewable as a PDF.

Becoming a digital nomad can completely change the way you live. If you’re looking for more freedom and the chance to travel more, your vintage trailer may provide the perfect opportunity to make this lifestyle change.

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