New Member Interview with John Ellsworth

My late wife’s grandparents had a 10′ Scotty down in Florida that she often stayed at with them as a child.  She got the idea to find one and there was an abandoned 1965 one just up the street from us that a tree had fallen on.  We picked it up for $50 and my son and I restored it.  Then a 1953 Silver streak popped up near us and she bought that too.  It sat idle for many years in our back yard until we decided recently to restore it and get it on the road.

We have taken the Silver Streak to several car shows and have blown them away. (I polished it) We have taken the Scotty to Acadia, ME and the Silver Streak out on several short camping trips.  I pull them both with a 1999 Chevy Suburban 2500.

We haven’t done any rallies yet but that would be fun.  We are full time babysitters for the grandkids right now which limits our travel time.

We thought joining the club would give us more info and connect us with others with similar interests.

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