Brave Little Camper

Here’s something you don’t see every day—a children’s book that stars a little vintage camper!

Cottage Door Press, an independent publisher of high-quality children’s books, has just launched Brave Little Camper as part of their Spring 2016 line.


In this story, the little camper spends his first night in the woods—but he’s not alone. In fact, he helps a little bear cub to be brave while he waits for his mommy to find him.

Throughout this sweet and reassuring story, readers can press a sound button to hear nighttime sounds in the forest, like chirps, ribbits, hoo-hoots, and howwwwling.

Writer Carmen Crowe is actually a pen name for the editorial team at Cottage Door Press. Whenever a story is conceived and written in-house, the writer credit will relate to “red bird,” which is part of the company’s logo and branding. It just so happens that the editorial team has a soft spot in their collective heart for vintage campers. In fact, the Creative Director owns a 1957 Terry that’s in its early stages of restoration. Between that and a common love for thrifting, junking, antiquing, and collecting, it is no wonder the creative team imagined their brave character as a vintage camper.

Artist Jen Taylor is an animator, illustrator, and arts and crafts enthusiast who lives in New Jersey with her husband and their golden retriever, Daisy. Jen’s signature nostalgic style plus her gorgeous renderings of nighttime and nature scenes made her the first choice to bring Brave Little Camper to life. To see more of Jen’s work, check out her blog Jen Taylor Draws!

While Brave Little Camper is intended for the preschool audience, we’re guessing it will be irresistible to everyone who has a little tin can in their life!

You can find out more about this book and Cottage Door Press here:


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