Relic Trailers

Have you ever wanted a vintage-style trailer that was made with current materials?  Jayne Barocela is bringing this long lost idea into reality. It started when she stumbled across an unlikely craigslist advertisement.  A man acquired a warehouse in Michigan, what he found upstairs on the second floor was an amazing opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur.  Multiple unfinished trailer shells sat alongside some old welding equipment, untouched for nearly 60 years.  A welding instructor named Roy designed these back in the 1960s.  Little did he know that his dream was going to be revived by another enthusiast.


Jayne seized the opportunity and called the owner first thing in the morning after she saw the ad.  There was already quite a queue of prospective buyers, but this would not stop her.  She explained her undying passion for vintage trailers and her plan involving them.  She managed to convince him to sell her everything, and in that moment she knew there were some big changes happening in her life.  “I took a risk on it with no idea what I was getting myself into.  I saw the ad one evening, and the next day I was in the trailer business.”  She had to haul everything back to Washington on a couple trucks. Next was to get it all examined to confirm that the equipment would even run.  Since the equipment had sat untouched for so long, it all ended up dusty but in pristine condition.  Once she knew the equipment was like new, she hired a fiberglass specialist, an interior fabricator, welder, painter and is continuing Roy’s long forgotten one piece shell design.


The company is established, and the prototype is complete.  Jayne hauled her first project to a vintage trailer rally last summer, hoping to get some feedback and exposure.  Her great optimism paid off as many people were lined up at her trailer door bright and early first thing in the morning.  The following weeks she replied to more than 300 emails internationally regarding the business.  The unique feature that Relic Trailers offers is that the interior is completely customizable.  You can choose from 3 different layouts all focusing on different commodities.  (i.e. Extra beds, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)  Customers also have the option to choose lighting options, countertops, flooring, wood interiors and stain.


A standard rolling trailer shell starts at $16,000, customers discuss with Jayne the specifics of their desires, and will receive an official quote based on the chosen options.  Relic Trailers requires a $1,500 deposit before designing the product, and must be paid in full before production begins.  The production time ranges from 8-12 weeks, depending on the extent of customization desired.  Jayne recently made her first sale to a customer in Australia so Relic is officially international.


Relic Trailers brings together the classic designs from the past with new materials, providing a travel trailer that will last for years to come.

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