Where did the iconic Airstream Bambi get it’s name?

1961 Aistream Curbside back

The answer is probably not what you might have thought. The Airstream Bambi got it’s name in Africa! Wait, what? According to the Airstream company: The first 16-foot, single-axle Airstream travel trailer was created in 1961. It earned the “Bambi” nickname on the famous Cape Town to Cairo Airstream caravan through Africa, led by Airstream… Continue reading Where did the iconic Airstream Bambi get it’s name?

Vintage Trailer Decals

Do you need a decal for your trailer? Contact customvintagetrailerparts.com and either they have it in stock or can reproduce the decal for you! Vintage Trailer Decals Quantity Views Date Posted 1 100 Fri October 14, 2016 Asking Price Shipping Amount Condition Best Offer None Excellent Description: I have the largest collection of Vintage Camper Decals available… Continue reading Vintage Trailer Decals

Classy Chassis – A vintage alternative

Anyone shopping around for tiny, lightweight trailers might suffer a few heart palpitations while looking at the prices of brand new campers. Greg and Lisa Patterson of Classy Chassis in Mattoon, Ill. have designed their own line of vintage-style campers that start at an unbelievable price and can be customized for any customer. “Grace” is… Continue reading Classy Chassis – A vintage alternative

Brand spotlight – Curtis Wright

Curtis Wright Made by Curtis Wright Industries’ Aircraft & Trailers (no relationship to the Curtiss-Wright Corporation) If you are an owner of a Curtis Wright, please add your contact name, email, model, and serial number below. It would be interesting to find as many CW trailers that are still out there. If you need help… Continue reading Brand spotlight – Curtis Wright

Brand of the Week: Alma

From our wiki page: https://tincantourists.com//wiki/doku.php?id=alma To see all the trailer information, start here: https://tincantourists.com//wiki/doku.php?id=listing_of_manufacturers Alma Alma Trailer Corporation Made in Alma, Michigan The Alma Trailer Corp. was formed in 1934 by William and Harold Redmond and Allen Hathaway who was the designer and patentee of the trailer. Years Built 1934 – 60s? Models Liberator, Challenger Interiors Prices… Continue reading Brand of the Week: Alma

Relic Trailers

http://www.relictrailers.com/ Have you ever wanted a vintage-style trailer that was made with current materials?  Jayne Barocela is bringing this long lost idea into reality. It started when she stumbled across an unlikely craigslist advertisement.  A man acquired a warehouse in Michigan, what he found upstairs on the second floor was an amazing opportunity for an… Continue reading Relic Trailers